CBSE Class 12 Multimedia WebTech Question Paper 2020 Solved

CBSE Class 12 Multimedia WebTech Question Paper 2020 Solved. Students can download the last year board exams question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations. 

1. Questions given below are based on VBScript:

a. Differentiate between a sub-routine and a function with the help of an example.

b. What is a comment in VbScript? Write any one way to write a line of comment.

c. Rewrite the following code after removing errors & underline each correction:

<scripting language =”vbscript”>

Dim Marks(5)

Marks(0)= 35.5

Marks(1)= 32.5

Marks(2)= 18.5

Marks(3)= 99

Code =input(“Enter the code ”)

Switch case Code

Case is “am”


Case is “ra”


Case “ma”


Case else

Document.write(“Must belongs to other class”))

End select


d. Give the output of the following code segment:



<script language = “vbscript”>

Dim x


Call first(13)


Sub first(num)


Document.write x & “<br>”

Document.write num *x

End sub

</Script >



e. Write the equivalent script for the following code using FOR loop without affecting the output and display the output:

DIM count,ans

ans=1 count=2




LOOP WHILE count<=10

f. Questions given below are based on VBScript-Inbuilt Functions :

I. document.write(ucase ( mid ( “Advertisement”, 7,3) ))

II. document.write(ucase(ltrim(“ INTERNATIONAL”),”na”)))

III. document.write(INT(4-7 *3/2+5))

IV. document.write(monthname(month(“24-3-2009”)))

V. document.write(strreverse(mid(“Today we have exam”, 11, 9)))

VI. document.write(ROUND((20*3/9+4),2))

VII. document.write( ISNUMERIC(instr(“T20Match”,”M”)))

VIII. document.write(RIGHT(“Let’s Learn and Experiment”, LEN(“Learn”)))

IX. document.write(3*7/5)

X. document.write(lcase(left(“With Multimedia”,5) & UCASE(“Life is Fun”)))

XI. document.write(Left(“##Class XII”,6))

XII. document.write (weekdayname(weekday(date())))

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