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GPA Calculator

GPA Meaning

Students of Bachelor's or Master's often come across a term quoted as GPA. It's quite apparent that you have heard about 3 GPA, 3.5 GPA, or 4 GPA. So, what exactly GPA meaning is, and why the GPA scale is one of the essential…

Lost Spring Summary

Lost Spring Summary Class 12 English, Explanation Notes and NCERT Solutions in English and Hindi

Introduction to Lost Spring Summary 

The well-known Indian female author, Anees Jung in 'Lost Spring,' depicts the…

The Tiger King Summary

The Tiger King Class 12 Explanation and Summary

The Last Lesson Summary

The Last Lesson Summary Class 12 English

The Last Lesson is an important chapter in Class 12 English. Questions from this chapter are always asked in examinations for Class 12. Students should read through the summary for The last lesson…

Number System

Introduction to Number System

The world has witnessed a storm of change in the years of technology. Various subjects and mechanism concepts form up technology. And Mathematics plays an essential role in the growth of technology and science.…

Area of Rectangle


Mathematics is one of the vital organs of science in today's time. Mathematics involves various genres of calculations and Measurements turn out to be the most productive parts of it, which is essential in our day-to-day…

Class 10 Mathematics Case Study as per latest CBSE sample paper

In the following video we have provided detailed explanation for Class 10 Mathematics Case Study as per latest CBSE sample paper.

We have solved case study mased questions for Class 10 Mathematics Chapter 9 Some Applications of Trigonometry

Computer Terms Full Form

Computer Related Terms Full Form List - You can see all computer related short forms and its full form in the below section. Full exhaustive list of all…


BODMAS Rule Definition and Order of Operations is an abbreviation in which each alphabet has its own identity. In this B is for Brackets, O is for of (also powers and roots), D is for Division, M is for Multiplication, A is for Addition and…

Keeping Quiet Summary

Keeping Quiet Summary Class 12 English and Explanation, Notes and FAQs (English and Hindi)

Introduction to Keeping Quiet Explanation 

The poem 'Keeping Quiet' written by Pablo Neruda, portrays the meaning of peace…

Winter Season Essay

Winter Season! A Season of Renaissance and Recreation!

Winter Season! Extended Nights and Shorter Days!

Winter Season! A Season of Shimmer, Sparkle and Snow!…

Deep Water Summary

Deep Water Summary Class 12 English, Explanation, Notes and FAQs

Introduction to the Deep Water Summary Class 12 

The story 'Deep Summary' has been taken from William O.Douglas, the author's autobiography 'Of…

Composite Numbers

Composite Numbers

Mathematics is the portal of new possibilities, with a bucket full of concepts, theories, and ideologies. There are thousands of theories and concepts discovered in Mathematics, and some are yet to be found. Mathematics is…