TS Grewal Solutions Class 12 and 11

TS Grewal Solutions 2023 2024 the latest book which has been launched this year has been provided below. Scroll down to access the latest 2023 2024 solutions for all questions. TS Grewal has been one of the most widely read books by commerce students of Class 11 and Class 12 for Accountancy. The CBSE Solutions for TS Grewal accountancy has been created by accounts teachers are StudiesToday.com which can be used by students for free.

We have provided TS Grewal Class 12 Solutions 2023 2024 based on the latest book for this year below. You can also refer to TS Grewal Class 11 Solutions 2023 2024 which has been designed by expert accountancy teachers given below. All answers have been made as per the TS Grewal Class 12 and 11 pdf 2023 2024 book.

Accountancy is one of the most liked subjects of commerce students in school and professional commerce examinations. If understood properly it can be really scoring and can help you to improve your ranks in school and other professional examinations of CA, ICWA, CFA, and many other post-graduation courses. TS Grewal accountancy books are being referred to by all students as it clearly explains the concepts and helps to make your accountancy concepts stronger. This textbook is also recommended by many schools in India.

The solutions for the TS Grewal class 12 book provided here are clearly explained and have been given chapter-wise and if studied properly will help in your board exams too. TS Grewal solutions class 12 has been made as per the latest Accounts Class 12 TS Grewal book for commerce students.

Benefits of TS Grewal textbook solutions for CBSE Accountancy:

  1. Most widely used book for textbook solutions
  2. The solutions have been designed as per the latest accountancy syllabus issued by CBSE
  3. The solutions are available free for students only on StudiesToday
  4. You can use them during exams for revision
  5. All difficult questions have been explained properly so that students can understand the difficult topic easily
  6. Chapter-wise solutions have been given
  7. The latest edition TS Grewal accountancy textbook for the current year has been used for the solutions

TS Grewal Accountancy Solutions for Class 11 and 12

TS Grewal Accountancy class 11 and 12 solutions are detailed and have been clearly explained so that its helpful for students for preparing and revising all chapters. The TS Grewal Accountancy solutions should be used for board examinations also. We have made the solutions in an easy-to-understand manner. The textbook is available for students and the solutions can be downloaded by clicking on the links below for both classes.

TS Grewal Class 12 Solutions 2023-24

TS Grewal Accountancy Class 12 Solutions Volume 1 2023 2024

Solutions for TS Grewal's Double Entry Book Keeping: Accounting for Partnership Firms (Volume 1) Textbook for CBSE Class 12.


Click the following chapter-wise links to download Solutions of TS Grewal Class 12 2023 2024.  

Chapter 1 Financial Statement of Not-for-Profit Organisations

Chapter 2 Accounting for Partnership Firms Fundamentals

Chapter 3 Goodwill Nature and Valuation

Chapter 4 Change in Profit Sharing Ratio Among the Existing Partners

Chapter 5 Admission of a Partner

Chapter 6 Retirement of a Partner

Chapter 7 Death of a Partner

Chapter 8 Dissolution of a Partnership Firm


TS Grewal Class 12 Solutions Volume 2 2023 2024

Solutions for TS Grewal's Double Entry Book Keeping Accounting for Companies: Textbook for CBSE Class 12 Volume 2

Chapter 8 Company Accounts Accounting for Share Capital

Chapter 9 Company Accounts Issue of Debentures

Chapter 10 Company Accounts Redemption of Debentures


Solutions for TS Grewal's Analysis of Financial Statements: Textbook for CBSE Class 12

T.S. Grewal's Analysis of Financial Statements: Textbook for CBSE Class 12 (2023 2024 Session)


Chapter 1 Financial Statement of a Company

Chapter 2 Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 3 Tools of Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 4 Accounting Ratios

Chapter 5 Cash Flow Statement


TS Grewal Solutions Class 11

T.S. Grewal's Double Entry Book Keeping: Financial Accounting Textbook for CBSE Class 11 (as per 2023 2024 syllabus)

TS Grewal Class 11 Solutions 2023 2024

Class 11 Accounts TS Grewal solutions have been made as per the TS Grewal class 11 book for the current year. We bring here the solutions for the latest book of Accounts TS Grewal Class 11, students can refer to the latest solutions available here which are not there on any other website, and get all problem solutions free


Chapter 1 Introduction of Accounting

Chapter 2 Basic Accounting Terms

Chapter 3 Accounting Standards and IFRS

Chapter 4 Bases of Accounting

Chapter 5 Accounting Equation

Chapter 6 Accounting Procedures Rules of Debit and Credit

Chapter 7 Origin of Transactions

Chapter 8 Journal

Chapter 9 Ledger

Chapter 10 Special Purpose Books I Cash Book

Chapter 11 Special Purpose Books II Other Book

Chapter 12 Bank Reconciliation Statement

Chapter 13 Trial Balance

Chapter 14 Depreciation

Chapter 15 Provisions and Reserves

Chapter 16 Accounting for Bills of Exchange

Chapter 17 Rectification of Errors

Chapter 18 Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship

Chapter 19 Adjustments in Financial Statements

Chapter 20 Accounts from Incomplete Records Single Entry System

Chapter 21 Computers in Accounting

Chapter 22 Accounting Software Tally

ABOUT Mr. TS Grewal:

It is fair to say that TS Grewal is today's "savior" of all commerce students. He was a well-known figure in the fields of management and commerce. He was not only an advocate for education but also a humanist who had a profound impact on everyone he came into contact with. For the main subject of commerce, and accounting, TS Grewal Solutions is thought to be among the best books to recommend. The specialists in their respective fields of Accountancy designed and wrote the CBSE answers for TS Grewal.

Educational Qualification:

He was chosen in 1968 by the Harvard Business School in Boston for the International Teachers Program, and he not only finished it but also did it with distinction in five of his courses. When it comes to accounting, the textbook written by Professor TS Grewal comes to mind first. Every student of commerce reveres Professor TS Grewal as the God of Accounting and adheres to his teachings religiously. We value this eminent professor's contributions to the fields of management and commerce very highly.

Books written by Mr TS Grewal:

In the Commerce stream, accounting is one of the key disciplines. It is a high-scoring topic that opens up professional opportunities in a number of domains including CA, CS, and CMA. Good test results are therefore unquestionably necessary for students who want to enroll in these courses. In the field of accounting, TS Grewal's textbooks are well-known. Since the solutions are provided per chapter, they are easy to understand. These questions and their solutions collectively make up the specific board exam questions.

The following are unique elements of the TS Grewal textbook answers for CBSE Accountancy:

  1. The solutions are easily understood.
  2. Dedicated textbook responses
  3. According to the advanced CBSE curriculum, which is freely available
  4. Precise and understandable solutions to challenging issues solutions by chapter serve as a fantastic resource for studying and exam preparation.

The solutions provided by TS Grewal for Accountancy Class 11 and 12 are accurate, and understandable, and serve as a catalyst for preparation and review. Most of the answers given in TS Grewal Accountancy solutions are likely to be asked in board exams. These textbooks are unquestionably helpful for students to use as practice materials every day. Here, concise and explicit answers to challenging problems are offered. This book contains standardized illustrations and question and also prepare the student for competitive exams and also built the confidence and courage for the student to face them without fear and nervousness.

TS Grewal Book and Solutions very important accountancy concept resource for students studying accountancy in Class 11 and 12, especially those students who are studying in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated schools in India must use this book. TS Grewal Solutions offer complete and step-by-step solutions to the accountancy textbook authored by Mr. TS Grewal.
We have listed below some reasons why TS Grewal Solutions are important for all students following the commerce stream:

  1. TS Grewal Accountancy book students understand difficult accounting concepts: TS Grewal Solutions Class 12 and Class 11 provide very detailed explanations of accounting standards and concepts, principles, and procedures that are generally used by all organizations. Students are able to understand critical and complex accounting concepts and apply them while solving questions in examinations and are also able to apply them to real-world scenarios when they pursue a career in accountancy.
  2. A big help in exam preparation: The solutions to all questions provided in TS Grewal books are in line with the latest syllabus issued by CBSE for the current academic year and have been designed based on the latest examination pattern and sample papers released recently. These solutions also help the students prepare for their exams as after every question detailed concepts have also been provided. In the book, there are a lot of extra questions along with detailed solutions that can help students practice and prepare for the exams.
  3. Helps to improve students' problem-solving skills: The detailed solutions provided on our website for the TS Grewal Accountancy book will help students in Class 12 and Class 11 to develop their complex problem-solving skills. As our teachers have provided reasoning and methodology behind each question and its solution, commerce students will be able to improve their skills to solve accounting questions given in their exams on their own.
  4. studies made possible: Solutions for TS Grewal books have been written in a very simple-to-understand manner which makes it better for students when they want to do studies. As the concepts have been written in a step-by-step manner, students are able to easily follow them. The solutions prepared by our accounts teachers also provide a detailed overview of accounting concepts and procedures. If you want you can do lot of questions given in each chater and there will not be any need for additional guidance.

Features of TS Grewal Solutions for Class 11 and 12 Accountancy:

  • All books of TS Grewal have been designed as per the latest syllabus free of cost
  • All books have been designed as for the latest pattern we should buy CBSE
  • There are a lot of questions that have been given after each chapter.  The solutions for every question have been designed by expert accountancy teachers
  • The students can be sure that  the answers are reliable under of very good quality as we have got the solutions verified by accountancy teachers
  • All the solutions have been provided chapter-wise.  students will be able to download the solutions in PDF format and also use them later for their examinations
  • The TS Grewal book is very important as it explains all the concepts which are generally asked in the examination.  we have also explained the concepts after every question and have also Given points to remember after each question
  • All the concepts have been explained in an easy-to-understand manner so that the students are able to learn the important questions and their related concepts easily which will help them to get better marks in the examinations
  • We have provided answers for every question in detail so that the students are able to understand the solutions properly
  • The book is utilized by students doing advanced courses so we have  designed the solutions in such a manner that it will be useful for school students and students doing advanced courses

TS Grewal Class 12 Solutions 2023 24

As you will go through the latest book published by Mr. TS Grewal for the current academic year for Class 12 and Class 11, you will find that most of the chapters which were there during earlier years are still there. So if you have the book from previous years then also it is fine for students to study from that textbook. During 2022 and 2023 there were a similar number of chapters available. As the basic fundamentals of accounting will still remain the same, students should concentrate more on making their concepts stronger by focusing more on chapters that help to make the concepts around basic principles of accounting stronger. In this book, the focus is on developing a stronger understanding of accounting principles and standards which will be utilized always by commerce and accountancy students. You will end up using your basic accounting understanding almost throughout your career too. Our teachers have made sure that they have provided solutions for 2022-23 also. On each page you will find references to old questions for which answers have also been provided. ts grewal class 12 solutions 2023 24 which have been designed by our expert accountancy teachers will help you to gain stronger understanding of concepts which have been explained in each problem. We have provided solutions for ts grewal class 12 solutions 2023 24 volume 1 and volume 2 covering all chapters and their questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions by TS Grewal Students

Question: From where can I download TS Grewal Solutions?
: You can download the TS Grewal Accountancy solutions from StudiesToday.com as they provide the latest solutions for the TS Grewal textbook

Question: Are these solutions available for the latest book?
: Yes, the solutions for TS Grewal have been prepared as per the latest edition book available today

Question: For which class can I get the solutions?
: You can get the accountancy solutions for TS Grewal for Class 11 and Class 12

Question: Are the solutions available for free?
: Yes, the solutions have been provided free of cost for commerce students, you can simply use them anywhere you want

Question: What is the purpose and use of TS Grewal?
: TS Grewal accountancy book Double Entry Book Keeping is used by students in the commerce field. It provides step-by-step concepts for all important topics which have to be taught in Class 11 as per the CBSE syllabus. Students are able to clear all their concepts and get good marks in examinations. 

Question: Who is Mr. TS Grewal?
: Mr. T.S. Grewal is a renowned author and has written several books on accountancy and has written books for commerce students in class 11 and class 12. 

Question: What are the benefits of using TS Grewal Solutions? 
: By using TS Grewal Solutions provided on our website, students can easily understand accounting concepts, and improve their questions and problem-solving skills, these books will help in exam preparation, and provide guidance for studies by students. 

Question: Is TS Grewal relevant for the CBSE board exams? 
: Yes, TS Grewal accountancy book is very relevant for the CBSE board exams. The solutions provided below based on the questions given in the book are in line with the CBSE syllabus and the latest exam pattern issued for the current academic year. 

Question: Is TS Grewal Solutions available online? 
Answer: Yes, TS Grewal Solutions is available online on our website www.studiestoday.com. It can be accessed for free and can be downloaded and used later at your convenience. 

Question: Is TS Grewal book helpful for competitive exams like CA, CMA, and CS? 
Yes, TS Grewal book is suitable for students of all levels. It has been used by students planning to appear in advanced-level competitive exams like CA, CMA, and CS. The book also covers detailed accounting concepts and principles that are relevant to these exams. 

Question: Is TS Grewal Solutions suitable for studies? 
: Yes, many students studying in Class 12 and Class 11 use TS Grewal Solutions for studies. The solutions provided below will provide you with a comprehensive overview of accounting concepts and procedures which have to be followed during the bookkeeping process. As the book is very detailed, it makes it easier for students to understand the subject without the need for additional guidance.

Use of TS Grewal Class 11 and Class 12 Solutions Pdf

Students who are in class 11 and class 12 and pursuing commerce must buy TS Grewal book Pdf. This book has been written by Mr TS Grewal who is one of the best authors in India. All concepts, theories, practical questions have been explained in detail in this book. The TS Grewal Book is a comprehensive guide for all students who want a good career in the field of accountancy.
Our team of expert teachers have provided detailed solutions with easy to learn notes after each solution. This will give a clear understanding of the concept which has been explained in each problem. We have provided step-by-step instructions on solving each question, making it easy for students to understand how to approach and solve complex accountancy problems.
On our website www.studiestoday.com, we have provided solutions to all chapters which are given in the TS Grewal Accountancy books for Class 11 and Class 12. All solutions are free to download in Pdf.

Advantages of using TS Grewal Accountancy books for practice

To gain more expertise in accountancy it is important for accounts students in Class 11 and Class 12 to use an accountancy book which can help them to gain more understanding of all concepts of this important subject. TS Grewal is one of those books which explains all concepts with the help of notes and lot of theoretical and practical questions. Students in lot of schools follow this book and has been recommended by senior teachers. The books provide lot of practical examples and CBSE pattern based case studies from different industries, thus demonstrating how accountancy concepts and practices are applied in practical situations. All these things help students to understand the relevance and significance of the concepts they are learning and are able to apply in different situations.

Why should I study using TS Grewal Accountancy book

  1. Detailed coverage: TS Grewal Accountancy book and its solutions have been written in a very detailed manner and contains all required concepts, theories, and practical questions which are very useful for students who pursuing accountancy.
  2. Clarity and accuracy: The TS Grewal book is highly regarded for its simplicity which helps the students to understand the subject and solve complex problems which have been given at the end of each chapter.
  3. Step-by-step approach: All chapters given in both Class 11 and Class 12 books have been designed in a very nice manner. There is very detailed and clear explanation of all topics which have been specified in the syllabus issued by CBSE. The concepts have been explained in a manner that all students will be able to understand. There are also numerous practice problems to help students test their understanding. On our website, studiestoday.com we have solved all the questions of each chapter along with detailed and step-by-step instructions which will make it easy for students to learn and practice.
  4. Practical applications: The book provides numerous examples and case studies from different industries, showing the practical application of accountancy concepts. This helps students to understand the relevance and significance of the concepts they are learning, and how they are applied in different business situations.
  5. Focus on understanding: The book puts more focus on conceptual understanding, rather than rote learning. The students will be able to develop a better understanding of the accountancy subject and apply it in real-world scenarios.
  6. CBSE Board exam based book: The book is very nicely designed to help prepare students for the CBSE board exams in Class 12 and school level exams in Class 11. In the book itself there are lot of sample question papers, previous years' board exam papers, and test worksheets given to help students assess their understanding of the subject and also improve their exam scores.
  7. Lot of practical questions: The book has lot of practice problems, case studies, and other exercises that will help the students to test their knowledge and be properly prepared for the examinations.
  8. Easy to understand language: Mr TS Grewal has taken care of all types of students by writing this book in a simple and easy-to-understand language, students with different levels of proficiency in accountancy will find this book very useful.
  9. Best accountancy author: The book is has been written by the legendry Mr TS Grewal. He has extensive experience in the field of accountancy and is known for his expertise in the field of accountancy.
  10. Will help in getting more marks: Students should practice the questions which have been given at the end of each chapter. They should compare their answers with the TS Grewal Solutions which have been provided for each chapter by our teachers. All this will help the students to get more marks in their exams.

Conclusion: Using TS Grewal Solutions 

In summary, TS Grewal Solutions are an essential resource for students studying accountancy in Class 11 and Class 12 in CBSE-affiliated schools in India. The answers provided on our website www.studiestoday.com comprehensive and step-by-step descriptions of accounting standards, concepts, and principles, are a major aid in exam preparation, improve students' problem-solving skills, and help in studies. If you want you can buy the TS Grewal Accountancy book here.