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“How to Crack the JEE without coaching” this is most asked question by students those doing JEE preparation. In this article, we are providing you some simple tips that can help you to crack JEE without coaching. 

Small steps will make a huge difference when following the right strategies. Here are a few strategies to implement in your preparation that can be game-changers if done properly.


Collect the right study material

You need to make sure that you know the whole syllabus completely before you decide on the guidelines and study material. Select the material or refer to only those that are essential.

Make sure you have basic study material for analysis and it's easy to understand. In order to gain additional information and insight into the examination method, you should also refer to the previous year's question papers.

Understanding the JEE focused syllabus would help you to segregate the important topics you should work on more. The pattern of exam will help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions you have answered so you can review and prepare accordingly.


Start with basic NCERT books 

NCERT books, specifically for the JEE Main, form the basis for the JEE entrance exam. A common mistake many students make is to start directly with reference books when their theoretical concepts and skills are not very good.

NCERT books will provide you with a solid foundation of concepts and are the best books to begin your preparation It should also be observed that 60-70% of the JEE Main paper is dependent on books from NCERT. To practical questions, though, they are not enough.



In the situation where the attention of coaching institutes is rising day by day, self-study is often misunderstood. But self-study can be a helpful aspect if you want to crack JEE without joining any educational institutions of coaching.

In self-study, you must spend the maximum possible hours. Study and practice as much as possible each topic in detail. Study all that is studied every day in school or classes.


Ask experts 

Try to communicate with many JEE experts as much as you can with the advancement in technology and the large amount of information available online. Such experts can be consulted online and you can ask or solve your problems. They are the best resource to learn the JEE exam’s Do’s and Don’ts.


Time management

You need to be realistic about time management and use it to the fullest possible level. You should be careful in dealing with the time plan that you have prepared. Prepare notes to make it easy for you to study them.  Mark with your teachers or JEE experts all your questions and clear them up.

You also need to practice more and more practical issues in order to get your hands on them. Therefore, you need to plan and strategize your time to make the most of it.

The key to success is time management. Divide the time according to the test syllabus and pattern to all subjects and their respective topics. Manage your time so that it covers all the subjects. Make sure you don’t neglect to also spend some time refreshing your mind.


Solve multiple questions

If you solve questions in a particular section, do not try to solve 100 questions for each subject, but try to solve a specific question in multiple ways. For eg, in Mathematics, measurement problems can be solved using organized geometry, and any complex number problems can be overcome using vector calculus.

This will help you approach a problem by learning alternative methods. In the actual paper, there will be occasions when you're not going to be able to answer a problem using your preferred method. Understanding multiple methods to answer a problem can allow you to find a conclusion even if a different approach is desired.



If you want to clear the examination, you need to do a thorough revision and multiple revisions. It will help you remember the concepts as well as improve your speed in correcting the paper problems. It will raise your confidence and give you a clear idea of the places that need to be more concentrated. Revise, revise and revise further. Although a human brain will absorb a huge amount of information every day, remembering the important things needs a time-to-time reminder.

Regular analysis of what you've been learning can help you remember for a longer period of time. The revision will also improve things you get the important formulas or theories that will ultimately increase your efficiency and accuracy on your trips.


Group study

Group study is one of the excellent sources for studying and preparing for examinations as it enables you to solve your queries and learn new things. As you get a chance to study alongside creative brains, it also improves your abilities. Group study is not only restricted to researching with other potential candidates but with instructors and other students, you can also have a group discussion.

Conversation between teachers will provide you with a variety of ideas to answer the questions. But if you're not confident with it, don't try to have a group study as this will be a waste of time for you.


Online study

The Internet is a platform for material for study question papers tutorials, etc. Use this gift from the internet by watching tutorial videos and lectures by talented professors and experts, downloading study materials to improve your knowledge, downloading previous year's question papers, etc. Online tests can also be given to check where your preparation is. There are online discussion groups where like-minded people pose their concerns and answer other people's problems side by side. Online platforms are also available to assist experts and IITians.


Solve multiple JEE mock tests

Practice at home is the most efficient way to check you at regular intervals. Now, the question is how these mock papers will maximize your profit. The common mistake that learners have created is that they never fix what they have solved. You will spend at least 6-7 hours analyzing the method.

Try to analyze the questions or topics you are dealing with a problem and the places you are able to address if you solve a paper. You will have a rundown of your strong areas and the issues that need more focus after the first mock check. Use these insights to work on the areas you're missing and you'd find yourself getting better with every mock test. Build a smart strategy while the problem is being solved. Fifty percent of the paper's questions have a low level of difficulty, so first solve them. Never try a sequence of the paper and avoid the issues you face when solving your mock papers.


You need to make sure you’re focused on what you want to do. You need a positive approach to analysis and you should be prepared internally for the same matter. Much effort is required mentally physically. Even a positive mind needs the motivation to move on. Even after you dedicate yourself completely to the preparation and research without coaching for cracking JEE Main, there will be occasions when you will experience a lack of motivation and encouragement. During such times of frustration, do not lose hope. Enjoy activities that will relax your mind as too much pressure is going to burst your mind out of frustration. Consider the ultimate goal and get ready to adjust the seatbelt and take the rollercoaster that ultimately leads to the desired destination.


Work on your weakness

No one knows better than you your strengths and weaknesses. To ensure a better strategic plan for JEE Main planning, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. Focus more on your weaknesses and make them your strengths before the examination by the end of the preparation. Past experience or strengths and weaknesses can help you score high.


Solve previous year question papers

It is not enough just to gain the information and knowledge on the relevant topics. To keep a check on your practice stage, try to solve the previous year's problem papers and mock examination papers. Consider solving articles a routine task.

This will improve your planning level and encourage you to correct your mistakes. It will also help you get a sense of where you're lagging behind. It will also improve your level of confidence by answering problem papers.

Students will put a lot of effort, planning, and time to crack JEE. Not only do they need to clear it, but they also need to earn good marks in order to be able to accept it. Parents try to get the best coaching for their children with all the modern facilities available and are ready to do whatever it takes for their child to crack the exam. But there are students and parents who think that coaching is important or not? Thinking like that is very natural. There is no doubt that good guidance is compulsory, but coaching is not necessary to clear the JEE exam.

There are many students who are qualified without any coaching to clear IIT JEE. They have the right potential and natural ability to do that. Also, many studies have shown that most of the current generation prefers to study alone and clear the examinations.

And the best part is that they achieved in doing so. You don't need JEE coaching; all you need proper guidance, good books, and self-perseverance are all you need.


JEE Reference books

Here are some famous books that are very helpful for JEE preparation.


Mathematics books reference for JEE

Name of the booksPublisher/author
Maths XIR.S. Agarbal
Maths XIIR.S. Agarbal
Plane trigonometry part IS.L. lonely
Higher algebraHall and Knight
Co-ordinate geometryS.L. lonely part I
Problems in calculus of one variableI.A. maron
Arihant PrakashanVectors and 3D-Geometry
Santi narayanVectors
Algebra made easyK.P. Basu
Elementary math’sDoro feev, patapov
Calculus for beginnersJ adwards


Physics books reference for JEE

Name of the booksPublisher/author
Problems in general physicsI.E. Irodov
Concepts of Physics Vol I and IIH.C. Verma
Fundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnick, and Walker
level physicsNelson and parker
University physicsSears and Zemansky
Problems in PhysicsA.A Pinsky
Aptitude Test Problems in physicsS.S Krotov
Element of static of part IS.L. lonely
Element of dynamic of part IIS.L. lonely
A collection of questions and problems in physicsL.A. Sena
Physics Problems w/solutionsChen, Min
Physics Vols I and IITipler
The Feynman Lectures on Physics vol 1R.P. Feynman
The Feynman Lectures on physics vol 2R.P. Feynman


Chemistry books reference for JEE

Name of the booksPublisher/author
Chemistry XINCERT
Chemistry XIINCERT
Organic ChemistryArihant Prakashan
Physical chemistryP. Bahadur
IIT chemistryO.P. Agarwal
General ChemsityEbbing
Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ.D. Lee, R.T. Morrison, R.N. Boyd
Organic Chemistry-Vol II.L. Finar
Numerical chemistryR.C. Mukerjee, Francis carey
Organic chemistryBahal, Sienko & Plane
University chemistryBruce H. Mahan
Chemistry principles and ApplicationP.w. A tkins