CBSE Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology All India with answers 2017

CBSE Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology All India with answers 2017. Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations. 

1. (a) Write any two advantages of using DBMS.

(b) MySQL is a RDBMS. Is this statement true or false ?

(c) Study the following data and answer the questions given below :

CBSE Class 12 Multimedia Web Question Paper

CBSE Class 12 Multimedia Web Question Paper 1

(i) What is the degree and the cardinality of CITY table ?

(ii) Name the fields, which can act as the primary key in STATE table.

(iii) What type of relationship exists between these two tables ?

(d) Give the full form of GIF.

(e) Name any two popular sound formats that are mostly used while designing web pages.

(f) Name any one software used for image editing and for sound editing.

(g) .MOV is the extension of which type of files ?

2. Answer the following questions based on Macromedia Flash :

(a) How is a Flash movie embedded in HTML ?

(b) Differentiate between stage and workarea.

(c) What do you mean by a key frame ?

(d) What is the use of a locked layer ?

(e) Consider the figure given below and do as directed :

  FUTURE                                                             ERUTUF

♦ The text on the right hand side shows the position for frame 20.

♦ The text on the left hand side shows the position for frame 1.

♦ The text in frame 1 moves to frame 20 and changes as shown in the figure.

Write the procedure and property settings for animating the above scenario.

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