CBSE Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology Question Paper 2014 - Set 1

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Note : (i) All questions are compulsory.

(ii) Answer the questions after carefully reading the text.

1.(i) Name the view in which the table is shown – Design or Datasheet.

(ii) Can this view be used to add a new record to the above table ?

(i) Name the view in which the table is shown – Design or Datasheet.

(ii) Can this view be used to add a new record to the above table ?

(iii) Write one special feature of the AutoNumber Datatype used above.

(iv) What does the key symbol next to the AppID field name designate ?

(v) What is the degree of the above table ?

(vi) A new field named AppDescription is added to the above table that will contain a detailed description about the Application in about 2000 characters. Name the appropriate data type that should be used for this field.

2.Consider the following points while writing the HTML code :

(i) The title of the web page is Google Apps.

(ii) Text style of the page is Trebuchet MS.

(iii) The image used in the heading is google.png and that used in the table is google1.png.

(iv) The table has a red coloured border that is 5 pixels thick.

(v) Create the given list with appropriate bullet type.

4. Answer the following based on ASP :

(a) In which of the following situation(s) is it essential to use a server side script such as ASP ? Justify. 2

(i) Validation of data entered by the user in a form

(ii) Showing data stored in a database on the server

(iii) Showing the number of visitors to a website

(iv) Increasing the size of an image when the cursor is brought over it

(b) Explain the use of the Flush and Redirect methods of the response object. 2

(c) Name the object or component used for the following : 3

(i) To access the value stored in a cookie

(ii) To show banner advertisements on a web page

(iii) To obtain information about an error condition that has occurred in the script

(d) Give the output of the following statements : 3

(i) Response.write((12+5-3)\4)

(ii) Response.write(LEN("Hello") * 4)

(iii) Response.write(STRREVERSE(MONTHNAME(5)))

5. Answer the following based on ASP :

(a) What is a recordSet ? 1

(b) Name the method used for : 2

(i) Moving the cursor to the last record in the recordset

(ii) Adding a new record to the database

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