CBSE Class 10 Social Science Economics Consumer Rights Assignment

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Consumer Rights Class 10 Economics Assignment Pdf

Class 10 Economics students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf for Consumer Rights in standard 10. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 10 Economics will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 10 Economics Assignment for Consumer Rights



Q.1 Why COPRA is enacted in India?

Ans. Consumer Protection Act 1986 (COPRA) is enacted in India with following motives:

        (i) To pressurize business firms.

        (ii) To correct unfair business conduct.

        (iii) To protect the interests of the consumers.

Q. 2 What do you understand by consumer protection?

Ans. By consumer protection we mean the protection of the consumers against the unfair and malpractices adopted by the businessmen. These may be grouped mainly into two categories.

       (i) Government measures

       (ii) Voluntary measures

Q. 3 How do the logos ISI, Agmark or Hallmark help consumers?

Ans. These logos and certification help consumers get assured of quality while purchasing goods and services. The organizations that monitor and issue the certificates allow the producers to use these logos provided they follow certain quality standards.

Q. 4 What is adulteration?

Ans. When some foreign matter, injurious to health, is mixed with any good or natural production, it is called adulteration. This is the most heinous crime against humanity.

Q. 5 Mention a few Organizations that provide certification of standardization in India.What do you mean by ISO?

Ans. (i) BIS and ISI (ii) AGMARK (iii) HALLMARK Standardization work at the international level.

Important Questions for NCERT Class 10 Social Science Consumer Rights

Question. In the market place rules and regulations are needed for the production of:
(a) Sellers
(b) Suppliers
(c) Consumers
(d) Owners
Ans. C

Question. What is the significance of 24 December in India?
Ans. It was on this day that the Indian Parliament enacted the Consumer Protection Act in 1980.

Question. What is the significance of RTI in relation to consumers?
Ans. (i) Right to information about the details of the goods and services that consumers purchase is essential in order to protect their interest or save them from exploitation in the marketplace.
(ii) Every product must carry certain details on the packing such as date of manufacture, expiry date, address of the manufacturer, etc.
(iii) If any product proves to be defective in any manner, consumers can complain and ask for compensation or replacement of it.

Question. When was the ‘Consumer Protection’ Act amended?
(a) In 1990 and 1992
(b) In 1992 and 1995
(c) In 1989 and 1991
(d) In 1991 and 1993
Ans. D

Question. Who is a consumer?
Ans. A consumer is the person who buys anything from the market and uses it.

Question. Why is the consumer redressal process becoming burdensome?
Ans. The consumer redressal process is becoming burdensome because
(i) Many a time consumers are required to engage lawyers. These cases require time for filing and attending the court proceedings etc.
(ii) In most purchases cash memos are not issued hence evidence is not easy to gather.
(iii) Most purchases in the market are small retail sales. The existing laws are also not very clear on the issue of compensation to consumers injured by defective products.
(iv) The enforcement of laws that protect workers, especially the unorganised sectors is weak. Similarly, rules and regulations for working markets are often not followed.

Question. Write a short note on ISI and AGMARK.
Ans. These are logos and certifications which help consumers get assured of quality while purchasing goods and services. The organisations that monitor and issue these certificates allow producers to use their logos provided they follow certain quality standards. It is not compulsory for all producers to follow standards. However, the products that affect health and safety of consumers or the products of mass consumption such as LPG cylinders, food colours and additives, drinking water, it is mandatory on the part of the producers to get certified by these organisations.

Question What do producers need to follow?
Ans. They need to strictly follow the required safety rules and regulations.

Question. How do ‘Consumer Protection Councils’ help consumers? Explain three ways.
What is the main function of Consumer Protection Councils?
Ans. ‘Consumer Protection Councils’ help consumers in the following ways:
(i) They guide consumers on how to file cases in the consumer court.
(ii) On many occasions, they also represent individual consumer in the consumer courts.
(iii) They also create awareness among the people.

Question. When was the ‘Right to Information Act’ passed?
(a) In October, 2005
(b) In October, 2006
(c) In September, 2005
(d) In September, 2006
Ans. A


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