CBSE Class 12 Geography Question Paper 2016 Set 2 Foreign

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CBSE Class 12 Geography Question Paper 2016 Set 2 Foreign.The Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


1)Mention any two regions of the world which are very densely populated, having more than 200 persons per square kilometre.

2)How is sustainability essential for human development ?

3)“Kerala is able to record the highest value of H.D.I. in India.” Examine the statement.

4)What is an ‘outport’ ? Give an example of it.

5)“The period from 1951-1981 is referred to as the period of population explosion in India.” Examine the statement.

6)Cite one example of basic industry.

7)Explain any two reasons for the development of Kandla port.

8)“Indiscriminate use of water by ‘increasing population’ and ‘industrial expansion’ have led to the degradation of the quality of water in India.” Explain the values that can help to discourage such practices.

9)“There is a need to encourage watershed development in India.” Support the statement with examples.

10)Examine the concept of Neodeterminism with example.

11)Differentiate between the clustered and semi-clustered rural settlements with examples in India.

12)Explain the advantages of pipeline transport in the world. Examine the major problems of this mode of transport.

13)“Migration creates both benefits and problems for the areas people migrate from and migrate to.” Substantiate the statement.

14)Bring out clearly the differences between Rural marketing centres and Urban marketing centres in the world.

15)“Shortage of housing and growth of slums are the major problems of urban settlements in developing countries.” Examine the statement with examples.

16)“Dairy farming is both capital intensive as well as labour intensive in the world.” Justify the statement.

17)Describe the cultivation of Tea and Coffee in India with reference to geographicalrequirements and areas of production.

18)Explain with examples, how Indian Railways contributed to the growth of Indian economy.

19)The five geographical features are shown on the political outline map of the World as A, B, C, D and E. Identify these features with the help of the information given below and write their correct names on the lines marked near them :

(A) The country with largest area in South America.

(B) An area of subsistence gathering in Asia.

(C) A major seaport in Africa.

(D) An International airport.

(E) A mega city.

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