CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Coordination Compounds Board Exam Notes

Difference between coordination compound and double salt:

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Coordination Compounds Board Exam Notes

Werner's coordination theory:

Werner was able to explain the nature of bonding in complexes. The postulates of Werner's theory are:
a. Metal shows two different kinds of valencies: primary valency and secondary valency
CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Coordination Compounds Board Exam Notes-1
b. The ions/groups bound by secondary linkages to the metal have characteristic spatial arrangements corresponding to different coordination numbers.
c. The most common geometrical shapes in coordination compounds are octahedral, square planar and tetrahedral.
Isomers :
Two or more compounds which have same chemical formula but different arrangement of atoms are called isomers, Types of isomerism:
a. Structural isomerism

i. Linkage isomerism 
ii.Solvate isomerism or hydrate isomerism
iii. lonisation isomerism 
iv.Coordination isomerism
b. Stereoisomerism

I. Geometrical isomerism
ii. Optical isomerism
Structural isomerism: This type of isomerism arises due to the difference in structures of coordination compounds. Structural isomerism, or constitutional isomerism, is a form of isomerism in which molecules with the same molecular formula have atorns bonded together in different orders.

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