CBSE Class 12 History Question Paper 2016 Set 3 Delhi

CBSE Class 12 History Question Paper 2016 Set 3 Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


1.Who was Cunningham ? Mention any one source he collected to understand the Harappa culture.

2.Point out one difference and one similarity between Be-shari’a and Ba-shari’a Sufi traditions.

3.How did Indian hill stations become racial enclaves for the Europeans in the 19th century ? Explain two reasons.

4.Why do archaeologist and historians find Harappan script enigmatic ? Explain reasons.

5.“The mid first millennium BCE is often regarded as a major turning point in world history.” Justify.

6.Highlight any four aspects observed by the Abbur Razzak on the fortification of the Vijayanagar Empire.

7.State the inherent problems faced by Al-Biruni in the task of understanding Indian

Social and Brahamanical practices. Mention any two sources that provided him the support.

8.“The ryots came to see the moneylenders as devious and deceitful”. Justify the statement in the context of ryotwari system in India in late eighteenth century.

9.Examine how Lord Dalhousie’s policy of annexation created dissatisfaction amongst the people of Awadh.

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