CBSE Class 8 English Word Formation Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Word Formation - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.




1) Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of the words given in the brackets:

a) Joseph is a good _________.(observe)

b) It is a ____________ picture. (beauty)

c) Why is mother ___________ today? (anger)

d) He ___________ to try again. (decision)

e) ___________ is a curse. (blind)

f) People have great ____________ for this man. (admire)

g) He delivered a good ____________. (speak)

h)We should _________ good habits. (cultivation)

i) Look for the ___________ in the meaning. (deep)

j) You are a big ___________. (foolish)

k) __________ is not a sin. (poor)

l) He has suffered a great ___________. (lose)

m) I cannot __________ here.(breath)

n) The old man is dying of __________.(thirsty)

o) She has an ___________ face. (angel)

p) The clown looked very ____________. (fun)

q)Watching a movie s a good source of_______.(entertain)

r) We should always be________to others.(support)

2) Choose the suitable word from the list below and fill in the blanks with its proper form :

 Interest, high, force, oil,develop, honest, strong, quick, air, disturb, food , friend

a) We shouldn’t ___________ the force of our rival team.

b) The mother will __________ the child.

c) Education helps in the_________of an individual.

d)You should finish your work ___________.

e)There was a lot of ____________ in the classroom.

f) All our bedrooms are ________ and well lit.

g) The two teams played a ___________ match.

h) What is the __________ of this building?

i)The leader delivered a very ________ speech.

j)My father is known for his ___________.

k)The teacher conducted a very_________class.

l) Don’t touch me with ___________ hands.

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