CBSE Class 8 English Akbar The Great Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Akbar The Great

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Akbar was one of the greatest of the Moguls emperors. He was only

thirteen years old when he was proclaimed an emperor. His main aim was

to bring the entire country of India under his control.

Akbar’s greatest achievement was the establishment of an excellent

administrative system. He was an extremely powerful figure and his

decision was final on all matters. He had absolute control over military,

political, administrative and judicial matters. He was the supreme leader of

the armed forces and all matters of justice. Akbar had a great desire to

unite the diverse parts of India into one nation so that everyone would enjoy

equal status.

Akbar strongly believed in and followed the principle of religious tolerance.

He also believed in the basic unity of different faiths . He said that every

religion has elements of virtue and divine truth within it Akbar formed a new

religion called ‘Din-i-Ilahi’ or ‘Divine Faith’.

Read the above passage carefully and answer the following


a )How old was Akbar when he became an emperor?

b) What was Akbar’s main aim?

c)What was Akbar’s greatest achievement?

d) What does the passage tell about his authority as a ruler?

e)What was Akbar’s great desire?

f) Write in your own words Akbar’s ideas on religion.

Pick out words from the passage which mean the following:

(a) To make something known to the public ____________

(b) Different from each other ____________

(c) Of, from or like God ____________

Use the following verbs in sentences of your own:

(a) Achievement

(b) Establishment

(c) Tolerance

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