CBSE Class 8 English Dialogue Writing Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Dialogue Writing

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Q1 Ram's mother fell ill all of a sudden and he had to look after her. So he couldn't go to his school. Complete the following conversation between him and his teacher in about 100 words:

Teacher: Ram, why didn't _____________________________________________?

Ram : Madam, my mother __________________________________________.

Teacher: Wasn't any _________________________________________________?

Ram : No, madam. Father was out of station and my sister is too young to help her.

Teacher: What _____________________________________________________?

Ram : The doctor said that she had food poisoning.

Teacher: I see ! What ________________________________________________?

Ram : She ate the food that had come from a hotel.

Teacher: Oh ! Many a time hotel food gets poisonous. Don't worry, she


Ram : Thank you, madam.

Q2 Complete the dialogues choosing the correct options:

Mother: Son, you ______________ morning. Take rest for an hour as you may be tired. [ are working since / have been working since]

Son : Mumma, I __________ as you think. But since you say so, I shall _______

[am not tired/ was not tired], [ took some rest/ take some rest]

Mother: After ___________ you will feel fresh and shall study well. [going to sleep/ taking rest for some time]

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