CBSE Class 8 English The Duck And The Kangaroo Worksheet

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Choose the correct alternative :

1. The Kangaroo could swiftly hop over ________.

(a) the fields (b) the water

(c) the fields and the water (d) none of these.

2. The Duck was feeling bored ________

(a) in her dirty pond (b) on the parched land

(c) in the company of Kangaroo (d) in a dirty ditch

3. The Duck longed for going on ________

(a) a picnic (b) a pleasure trip of the world

(c) a long journey (d) None of these.

4. The Duck requested the Kangaroo to give her a ________.

(a) costly gift. (b) ride on his back

(c) ride on his shoulders (d) ride on his head.

5. The Kangaroo and the Duck would go to the ________

(a) mountains (b) Dee

(c) Jelly Bo Lee (d) Dee and Jelly Bo Lee.

6. The feet of the Duck are ________

(a) warm and wet (b) soft and dry

(c) wet and cold (d) very long

7. The Kangaroo was afraid that he might catch ________.

(a) cold (b) deadly fever

(c) rheumatism (d) pneumonia

8. The Duck thought over the problem and bought ________.

(a) an umbrella (b) four pairs of worsted socks

(c) a cloak (d) Both B and C

9. The Kangaroo agreed to take the Duck ________ .

(a) across the mountains (b) across the river

(c) on a pleasure trip (d) across the fields.

10. The Kangaroo and the Duck hopped the whole world ________

(a) two times (b) three times

(c) four times (d) only once.

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