CBSE Class 8 English Three Questions Worksheet

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Class:8[GS] Worksheet---Ls:3 Three Questions.

Choose the correct answer/ Fill in the blanks/State “ true or false”

1. The king made a proclamation that he would give a ________ to the one who answered his questions.

[a] award [b] gift [c] reward [d] present

2. The king had ________questions.

[a] five [b] two [c] four [d] three

3. “Varied” [para-3] means _____________.

[a] different [b] unnecessary [c] unequal [d] unimportant

4. The king decided to go to a __________.

[a] scholar [b] hermit [c] priest [d] teacher

5. The king gave ________to the injured man.

[a] fresh water [b] fresh juice [c] fresh fruits [d] fresh flowers

6. The king was the bearded man’s ___________.

[a] friend [b] enemy [c] guard [d] soldier

7. The king washed the bearded man’s _____________.

[a] hands [b] legs [c] wounds [d] hair

8. “If you can give me none please say so, and I will go home” who said these words.

[a] bearded man [b] learned man [c] king [d] guards

9. When I’m in the area I’ll _________on you.

[a] pay a compliment [b] pay respect [c] pay a penalty [d] pay a call

10. Many learned people came to the court and gave__________.

[a] same answers [b] correct answers [c] different answers [d] wrong answers

11. The hermit lived in a ________.

[a] small hut [b] big hut [c] dark hut [d] bright hut

12. The synonym of “convinced” is _________.

[a] satisfied [b] happy [c] unhappy [d] angry

13. The hermit was a _________ person.

[a] strong [b] brave [c] frail [d] bold

14. The hermit was ___________ when the king arrived.

[a] praying [b] eating [c] sleeping [d] digging

15. When he reached the king, he fell on the ground and fainted. Who is ‘he’?

[a] the sage [b] the hermit [c] the guard [d] the bearded man

16. Write the root words for the following:

[a] appealed _________ [b] submitted __________ [c] developed __________

17. The synonym of ‘beforehand’ is __________

[a] important [b] in advance [c] avoid [d] afterwards.

18. The writer of “Three Questions” is _________.

[a] Linda Pastan [b] Prabhu [c] Leo Tolstoy [d] Tagore

19. The king wanted to know the ________time to begin everything.

[a] right [b] exact [c] proper [d] good

20. The most important person for you is _________.

[a] your mother [b] your father [c] your teacher [d] the one with whom you are

21. Homophone of seize is __________.

[a] breeze [b] freeze [c] cease [d] tease

22. He _________for being late, he lost his place in the team.

[a] paid a penalty [b] paid a tribute [c] paid a call [d] paid a complaint

23.] The root word of “unfastened” is -___________.

[a] fast [b] fasten [c] unfasten [d] fastened

24. I pray you to answer my question, here “pray” means_________.

[a] speak to God [b] request [c] order [d] suggest

25. “Pray” in the above sentence is ________

[a] verb modifier [b] adj.modifier [c] adv.modifier [d] noun modifier

26.The hermit was known for his __________.

[a] bravery [b] kindness [c] honesty [d] wisdom.

27.The hermit silently handed over the spade. In this sentence _____ is the modifier.

[a] handed [b] spade [c] silently [d] over

28.Adverbs which refer to a particular time in the past go with ___________ tense.

[a] present perfect [b] simple past [c] simple future [d] simple present

29.Once a certain king had an idea. Here “ once” means ______________

[a] on one occasion [b] some unspecified time in past [c] at one time

30. Choose an adverb that collocates with “breathed”_____________.

[a] hurriedly [b] heavily [c] hardly


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