CBSE Class 8 English Determiners And Articles Worksheet

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1. Fill in the blanks with determiners given in brackets :

1. Do you have ________ good news for me (a, both).

2. Do you have ________ information about the lost child (any/ more).

3. Here is ________ water in the jug for every one (a few/enough).

4. I shall be going to Bombay for ________ days (much/some).

5. How ________ sugar did you buy? (many/much)

6. He takes milk ________ day. (each/every)

7. The cake was very tasty. ________ of the girls ate two pieces each. (most/more)

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable Articles (a/an/the).

1. We enjoyed our holiday. ________ hotel was very nice.

2. Jane is ________ interesting person. You must meet him.

3. You look very tired. You need ________ holiday.

4. Paris is ________ capital of France.

5. Can I ask ________ question?

6. London is ________ interesting city.

7. My brother is ________ soldier. He is in ________ army.

8. He is professor in ________ University.

9. Mohan is ________ honest boy.

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