CBSE Class 8 English Practice Worksheet Set B

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English Worksheet

Class VIII-________

Name: ____________ Roll number: __

Q1. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and after in your worksheet.

APJ Abdul Kalam was born a middle-class Tamil                               a) _________

family. He was one many children. He was                                       b) _________

a short boy rather undistinguished looks                                           c)_________

born to tall handsome parents. They lived                                         d)_________

in their ancestral house, was built in the                                           e)_________

middle of 19th century. It was a fairly large                                       g)_________

house on the Mosque Street Rameshwaram.                                    h)_________

his austere father used avoid all essential                                         i)__________

comforts and luxuries, but childhood was quite                                 j)_________

secure one.

Q2.The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Underline the incorrect word and the correction in your worksheet.

Andhra Pradesh is one state                             a)__________

abounding of natural wonders,                            b)__________

rich in culture heritage and                                c)_________

most and all, excellent tourism                          d)__________

spot. Andhra Pradesh on this day                      e)__________

retain much of its regal glory                             f)__________

or old worldly charm. Geographically                 i)__________

A state enjoys a strategic                               g)_________

location. Most of it stand on the                       i)_________

High Deccan Plateau.                                     j)_________

Q3.Combine the following pairs of sentences using infinitives:

a) The clown does tricks. He makes people laugh.

b) We did not play well enough. We did not win the game.

c) He did not have any money. He could not buy food.

d) She collects matchboxes. It is her hobby.

e) The hawker goes to the market every day. He sells his wares.

Q4. Combine the following pairs of sentences by replacing the verb by its gerundial form.

a) May we leave now? Is there any objection?

b) He murdered his wife. He was sent to prison.

c) May I borrow your pen? Do you mind?

d) He became a clerk. His parents objected to this.

Q5. Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences.

a) Silvery green/her/the/trees/frightened/olive.

b) In the/dancers/they/the/swayed/and/in/ghostly/like/mind/dark/rain.

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