CBSE Class 8 English Body Line Worksheet

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Choose the correct answer/ Fill in the blanks/State “ true or false”

1. Bodyline is a word in ______________________

[a] cricket [b] hockey [c] foot ball.

2. A controversial series of matches between ______________ and ______________ went on

to become a major story in history.

[a] India / Pakistan [b] England / Australia [c] India / Pakistan

3. Until1877 news about a match was ________________ each day.

[a] emailed [b] telegraphed [c] telephoned

4. Successful players were looked on as ____________________

[a] royals [b] heroes [c] warriors

5. England was defeated in a match played at a London cricket ground called Oval. (T / F) ( )

6. _____________________ news paper said English Cricket is dead.

[a] Australian [b] British [c] American

7. Two years later, The English news paper referred to the England team’s voyage to Australia as a __________________

[a] chase for victory [b] quest to regain the Ashes [c] journey to Australia.

8. The 1930-31 Ashes series played in England was won by _________________

[a] England [b] Australia [c] both

9. The Selection Committee appointed Douglas R. Jardine the __________________

[a] bowler [b] captain [c] umpire.

10. Douglas R. Jardine known for his toughness was nick named _________________

[a] Iron Duke [b] Copper Duke [c] Silver Duke

11. Jardine viewed film strip of the __________ recently played in England to decide a strategy.

[a] series [b] matches [c] games.

12. Jardine decided the best strategy was to bowl repeated __________________ bouncers on the batsman’s leg stump.

[a] fast [b] slow [c] medium space

13. There was a great chance of the ball hitting the batsman body which would ____________ and __________________ the bats man.

[a] upset / distract [b] harm / annoy [c] hurt / damage

14. The close in fielders would be ready to take advantage of such _____________

[a] chance [b] error [c] disturbance

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