CBSE Class 8 English A Magical Animal Worksheet

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CLASS 8[GS] WORKSHEET- Ls.2 A Magical Animal

Choose the correct answer/fill in the blanks/true or false/

1)______________________ is an island in the Indian Ocean.

[a] Myanmar [b] Madagascar [c]Mongolia

2) “A Magical Animal” is written by_______________

[a]Gerald Durrell [b] Patrick Waddington [c] Leo Tolstoy

3) Aye Aye has __________________________ eyes

[a] hypnotic eyes [b]attractive [c]black

4) Aye Aye has ___________________ hands and___________________fingers.

[a] black,thin [b]long,fat [c]fat,long

5) An adverb of the word 'delicate' is_____________.

6) Its black hands and thin fingers (underline the Adjectives)

7) Then it leant forward with alarming accuracy (underline the verb)

8) Aye Aye combed the author’s beard and hair as a____________________breeze.

[a] baby [b] alien [c]monkey

9) A radar probe means an instrument ____________________

[a] to search [b] to put back [c] to throw

10) Aye Aye, a strange creature has become__________ in the island of Madagascar.

[a] mythical [b]strange [c] magical.

11) Aye Aye when described in 1782 had__________of physiological qualities which confused the scientists for many years.

[a] jumble [b]clear [c]familiar

12) AyeAye was christened with a musical sounding name of___________________.

13) Madagascar is an island filled with ______________ and many_______________.

14) If the villagers see a small Aye Aye they believe that_____________ in the village might die.

15) If it is a large whitish Aye-Aye is spotted a ____________________ person will be in danger.

[a] pale skinned [b]fair skinned [c]yellowish skinned.

16)W hen a villager finds the corpse of Aye Aye near his house he removes his bad luck by putting the corpse in his_____________________back garden.

[a] friend’s [b]neighbour’s [c]master’s

17) Aye Aye's corpse progresses through the village and finally lands on the_______________

[a] border [b]garden [c]road

18) Aye Aye’s third slim finger is used by village sorcerer as a ______________for good or evil.

19) Malagasy people follow the policy of slash and burn agriculture. (true/false)

20) Aye Aye is a strange animal that has become mythical in the island of Madagascar (true/false)

21)AyeAye had used its magic to become a _____________________

22)After Aye Aye’s natural habitat decreased it invaded _________ ________ ____________

23)Aye Aye is a creature that can ruin your _________________ forever.

24)At present there are ____________ Aye Aye at Duke University’s Primate centre in _______.

25) “A Magical Animal” is a fair ______________ of the most fascinating islands in the world.

26) The author considers Aye Aye to be the most wondrous creature (true/false)

27) AyeAye is a strange animal that has become mythical on the islands of Madagascar (true/false)

28)Aye Aye was given a musical sounding name of Daubentonia Madagascariensis(true/false)

29)Seeing its giant teeth I sat still (underline the non finite verb)

30)Jersey wild life Preservation Trust has decided to take a rescue expedition(underline the non finite verb)

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