CBSE Class 8 English Read The Poem Worksheet

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Read the following poem carefully :

Each One, Teach One

Each one, Teach one.

Let this be our slogan

Let us spread the light

                                     Of learning, across the nation.

                                     The gift of knowledge, they say

                                     It is loveliest gift of all.

                                     Let us offer this gift

To those whose needs are small.

To those who never learnt

How to write or read

Instead of making noises

                                      Let’s get on with the deed.

                                      Let our country awaken

                                      From the slumber of centuries

                                      Let us make a pledge

                                      To vanish illiteracy.

1. Complete the summary :

The poet wants everyone to (1) _________ from the (2) ________ of centuries and remove the curse illiteracy. He was that ‘each One, Teach One’ should be our (3) ___________ We have to spread the light of (4) __________ across the nation. The loveliest gift of all is the gift of (5) __________ and we have to (6) ________ this gift to those who never learnt to write or read. We all have to take a (7) _________ to (8) __________ illiteracy.

2. Write the rhyming words :

All –

Read –

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