CBSE Class 8 English The Street That Got Mislaid Worksheet

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Class:8[GS] Worksheet---Ls:1 The Street That Got Mislaid

Choose the correct answer/ Fill in the blanks/State “ true or false”

1. The simple form of “laid” is __________.

(a) lie (b) lay (c) laid

2. The ________ was laid in Marc’s mind.

(a) map of the city (b) map of the town (c) map of the village

3. Marc worked as a __________ of the filing section.

(a) manager (b) peon (c) clerk

4. Opposite gender of “landlady” is ____________

5. Something terrible happened on __________ that filled him with amazement.

[a] afternoon / someday of August [b] evening/ 1st August [c] afternoon/ 1st August

6. _____________ was a lost, forgotten street.

[a] Green Bottle Street [b] Montreal City Hall [c] Bottle Green Street

7. The last inspection was done some ___________ ago.

[a] 14yrs 5m 15 days [b] 5 yrs 4 m 15days [c] 15 yrs 5m 14 days

8. The office was shifted to _____________.

[a] another floor [b] 1st floor [c] 2nd floor

9. He took “the afternoon off” means

[a] took half day leave [b] took afternoon home [c] removed afternoon

10. The location was __________ by him.

[a] known imperfectly [b] unknown [c] known perfectly

11. He located the place with the help of the ________.

[a] map given by his boss [b] map drawn by his mind [c] map given by the residents.

12. There was a _________door at a distance of a few feet from the entry.

[a] tall and solid wooden [b] short and solid wooden [c] tall and solid iron

13. The street was Green Bottle Street because it was ___________.

[a] like a bottle [b] liked by Marc [c] liked by the municipality

14. There were __________ pairs of houses.

[a] 9 [b] 6 [c] 3

15. House number ________ was still unoccupied.

16. A ___________ was watering the ________ whose age was __________.

[a] woman/roses/60 [b] woman/roses/66 [c] woman/lilies/60

17. Mr.PLonsky and Mr. Michael were travelers [true/false]

18. The person whom Marc first met was the owner of ____________.

[a] 1st house/right side [b] 1st house/left side [c] 2nd house/right side

19. The property was _________ to the tenants by its owner.

[a] sold [b]given on lease [c] left

20.The owner of the property was _____________.

[a] dead [b] alive [c] missing

21. Marc tore the card and threw in the __________can.

22. Michael Flanagan lived in house number___________.

23.The tenants stopped paying the taxes because they _____________

[a] had no money [b] were not interested [c] were not reminded

24.________ kept herself busy with flowers and books.

25._____________ concealed the entry with a door.

26. Mr. Plonsky was a person who was searching for a bride. [true/false]

27. Marc’s landlady was always noisy but never violent. [true/ false]

28. Miss. Hunter played piano and gave concerts to entertain the residents .[true/false]

29.Marc spoke to Miss. Trusdale , the occupant of house number one.[true/false]

30. If Marc exposed the hidden street, there would be ______________.

[a] celebrations [b] rewards [c] problems

31.Jean Desselin brought ______________ as his neighbour to live in house number______.

32. Marc decided to keep the street hidden because he wanted to shift there.[true/false].

33. Marc was an opportunist.[true/false]

34.Marc would live with Mr. Jean Desselin [true/false]

35.Green Bottle Street would be mislaid forever.[true/false]


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