CBSE Class 8 English The Summit Within Worksheet

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Choose the correct alternative :

1. Standing on the Everest, the author, H.P.S. Ahluwalia was __________.

(a) enthusiastic (b) very happy

(c) very sad and jubilant (d) very excited

2. As the author stood on the Everest, the dominant emotion was __________.

(a) Pride (b) humility

(c) apathy (d) none of these

3. By climbing the summit of Everest, one is overwhelmed by deep sense of __________.

(a) joy (b) thankfulness

(c) joy and thankfulness (d) selfishness

4. The author mentions another summit, the summit of __________.

(a) mind (b) Heart

(c) progress (d) None of these

5. The author questions himself as to why people __________?

(a) got abroad (b) tell lies

(c) hate others (d) climb mountains

6. The author had been attracted by mountains __________.

(a) for ten years (b) since his childhood

(c) since he joined armed forces (d) None of these

7. Three qualities that played a major role in the author’s climb are __________.

(a) endurance (b) persistence

(c) will power (d) all these

8. The author believes that mountains are a means of __________.

(a) income (b) communication

(c) communion with God (d) None of these

9. “Our bodies were only the vehicle for housing the determination to overcome it all--------” it refers to __________.

(a) obstacles (b) difficulties

(c) hindrances (d) all these

10. “Nine tenths hell, one tenth beauty”. This definition of climbing was given by __________.

(a) An American mountaineer (b) An Indian mountaineer

(c) Edmound Hillary (d) Phu Dorji

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