CBSE Class 8 English Comprehension Worksheet

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I) a. Complete the summary of the poem with one word only:

God is the (a)___________________ artist and the (b)____________________ of this beautiful world which is full of wonderful things. He has blessed us with the (c)_____________ gifts such as the sun, the moon and stars. He has made takes, rivers and ponds on whose(d) __________________beautiful flowers such as daffodils and roses (e)_________________.High hills and valleys are full of (f)______________ of tall trees where birds sing, butterflies and honey bees dance. We all should enjoy such a beautiful painting.

b. Find words form the poem which has the same meaning as the following :

1. brilliant , shining –

2. the most powerful –

II) Read the given passage carefully :

Helping Others Is Real Kindness

1. To feel for others and to do righteous acts of help to living creatures is indeed real kindness. If one can stop a heart from breaking, if one can ease the aching in one‟s life or cool one‟s pain, he has not lived in vain.

2. To some, helping others is matter of faith. An elderly stranger went to a hospital in Peter Brough, New Hampshire and performed countless tasks: sweeping, dusting building ramps, removing lint from the place where clothes are washed, etc for four months. He never revealed his identity. Only after he had left the place, the hospital staff realized that he was former Vice President of the Peninsular Railroad, a private railway company in the USA.

3. All along the route of the funeral procession of Lord Shaftesbury, a well known social reformer of England, stood groups of people (whom he had helped in one way or the other) to pay homage to him. Thousands of people hailing from all classes of society held aloft banners with the words that he had helped them in their hour of suffering. Instances of this type are many.

4. In India, Saints and sages throughout the ages have preached the gospel of service to the sick and the suffering, the distressed and the downtrodden . In every town in India, there are a few sympathisers to the suffering who pay the tuition fees of poor students, give them books and stationary, pay substance allowances to needy widows and arrange their daughter‟s marriages, give blankets in winter and umbrellas in monsoons. Added to them are many persons who have given up their everything for the service of humanity and join service organization.

Complete the following :

1. According to the author, real kindness is

(i)_________________________ and (ii)__________________________

2. The life of a person is not in vain if___________________________

3. The hospital staff could identify the elderly gentleman_________ ____________

4. Groups of people paid their homage to Lord Shaftesbury because________________________________

5. In India, saints and sages have rendered their services to (i)______________________________ and (ii)______________________

6. In India everywhere there are people who help others by(i)____________________________________,(ii)____________________and (iii)_________________________________________

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