CBSE Class 8 English Adverbs Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Adverbs

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Q1 Fill in the blanks with the adverbs indicated in the brackets:

1) We are going for camping tomorrow so we have to get up _______ . (adverb of time)

2) "This is the last time I'm telling you! Clean up your room!" she said _________ . (adverb of manner)

3) Is there a post office ________ ? (adverb of place)

4) She ______helps her daughter in her work. (adverb of frequency)

5) Simran is a ________ skilled computer technician. (adverb of degree)

Q2 Choose the correct determiner:

1) _______ (this/any) house belongs to _______ (my/some) elder brother.

2) We have lost all ______ (her/our) money in ______ (this/some) business.

3) I don't know ______ (the/these) girl in pink dress.

4) One of _______ (those/any) boys teased me yesterday.

5) One must know ______ (his/one's) duty towards the country.

6) There are _______ (a few/ the few) hospitals in this town.

7) _______ (much/many) money is needed for the project

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