CBSE Class 8 English One More Chance Worksheet

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Class: 8[GS] Worksheet---Ls: 12 One More Chance.

Choose the correct answer/ Fill in the blanks/True or False.

1. Mike was behind the bar. Here “bar” means ____________.

[a] a place where drinks are served [b] a prison [c] a rectangular object

2. ‘Rogue-catchers’ refers to ______________.

[a] Jimmy and Mike [b] Jimmy and Billy [c] Police

3. Mr. Adams owned a bank named ‘_________________’.

[a] The Elmore Bank [b] The Richmond Bank [c] The Indiana Bank

4. _______________ had shut ______________ in the vault.

[a] Agatha, May [b] Annabel, Jimmy [c] May, Agatha

5. Elmore is located ________ miles off the rail-road down in Arkanas.

[a] six [b] five [c] four

6. Ben Price did not know Jimmy’s habits and had trouble catching him. (True / False )

7. ‘One More Chance’ is a story written by ___________.

[a] Christopher Pike [b] O Henry [c] R.L Stine

8. Ben Price compared notes and found remarkable similarity. (True / False )

9. One of the instruments from Jimmy’s toolbox is a _________.

[a] file [b] stethoscope [c] hammer

10. Jimmy decided to change because of the warden’s advice. (True / False )

11. Jimmy’s pardon was signed by the ___________.

[a] governor [b] president [c] government

12. Jimmy Valentine was steadily stitching uppers. Circle the adverb in the given sentence.

13. Jimmy was imprisoned on the charges of ___________.

[a] kidnapping [b] robbery [c] murder

14. Cronin was a___________.

[a] guard [b] warden [c] clerk

15. Jimmy was to be released at _____.

[a] six [b] seven [c] eight

16. Ben Price was unable to identify Jimmy. (True /False)

17. There was none who could break his record of safe cracking. (True/False)

18. Jimmy was given a ___________ ticket.

[a] bus [b] train [c] plane

19. The café belonged to ___________.

[a] Mike Dolan [b] Jimmy [c] Billy

20. Jimmy’s room was ______________.

[a] at the rare [b] in the middle [c] at the rear

21. Jimmy found a _____________ on the floor.

[a] shirt-band [b] collar-button [c] collar- bone

22. Jimmy had ___________ new designs of tools.

[a] two or three [b] three [c] two

23. $1500 currency was burgled in __________.

[a] Richmond [b] Logansport [c] Jefferson

24. Jimmy stood in the outer office at 6:45. (True/False)

25. He tossed a coin into the hat of a lame man. (True/False)

26. A burglary took place in Jefferson. (True/False)

27. Jimmy was in the jail for the burglary at _______________.

[a] Springfield [b] Jefferson [c] Indiana

28. Mike Dolan was Jimmy’s partner in his assignments of safe cracking. (True/False)

29. Jimmy was ___________ his kit of tools to his friend.

[a] selling [b] lending [c] gifting

30. ‘She coloured slightly’ means ____________.

[a] she felt sad [b] she felt shy [c] she felt angry

31. Agatha was nine years old. (True/False)

32. Logansport burglary took place after _____________ of Valentine’s release.

[a] 1 week [b] 2 weeks [c] 3 weeks

33. _________ his journey, he read three books. Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition.

34. Jimmy was socially and financially successfully in Elmore. (True/False)

35. The word ‘dodger’ has a positive meaning. (True/False)


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