CBSE Class 8 English The Man Who Knew Too Much Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - The Man Who Knew Too Much - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.





Q1. What was the first lesson which the privates learnt?

Q2. Why did the professor scarcely notice the clumsy sarcasms of the other privates?

Q3.What did Private Quelch do when the officers were in sight?

Q4. How can you say that the sergeant had a feeling of revenge?

Q5. How did Private Quelch identify the North American Harvard Trainer?

Q6. What did Private Quelch do when Corporal Turnbull tossed the grenade to him?


I.“Let me show you, old fellow,” or, “No, you will ruin your rifle that way, old man.”

  a) Name the speaker.

  b) What do the above lines tell you about the speaker?

II. A voice interrupted, “Two thousand four hundred forty feet per second.”

  a) Name the speaker.

  b) To whom is he talking?

  c) What is he talking about?

III. ‘The outside of a grenade, as you can see, is divided up into a large number of fragments to assist segmentation.’

  a) Name the speaker and whom is he speaking to?

  b) From which story are these lines taken?

  c) Who has written this story?

Students must free download and practice these worksheets to gain more marks in exams. CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - The Man Who Knew Too Much



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