CBSE Class 8 English Catastrophe At Chernobyl Worksheet

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Class 8 [GS] WORK SHEET ––Ls.. 4 (Catastrophe at Chernobyl)

Choose the correct answer/fill in the blanks/true or false:

1. Chernobyl nuclear power station towered over flat ______________ landscape.

[a] Swampy [b] Watery [c] dry

2. Chernobyl nuclear power station was constructed in _____________

[a]1980’s [b] 1970’s [c] 1960’s

3. _______________________ was the chief engineer at the plant.

[a]Nikola Fomin [b] Dyat lov’s [c] Perevoz chenko

4. On 26th April 1986 the number four reactor ________________

5. A nuclear power station makes electricity in a process known as _______________

6. __________________ is created in a reactor

[a]power [b] energy [c] rays.

7. A nuclear power station makes ____________ in a process known as nuclear fusion.

[a]energy [b] electricity [c] erosions.

8. _________________ can cause burns and cancers

[a]rays [b] radiations [c] radioactive.

9. The explosion at Chernobyl caused _______________________ pollution.

10.The disaster began on the night of __________________________.

[a]25 April 1985 [b] 25 April 1986 [c] 25 May 1986

11.In order to carryout routine test the team of technicians had to ______ the reactor down.

[a]Slow [b] Switch off [c] shut.

12.Chernobyl was supplying power to _______________________ people.

13.If the reactor stopped working the city would hit by massive __________________

14.Control room staff argued that the reactor should be allowed to ________________

[a]restart [b] shut down [c] slow down

15.Dyatlov insisted that they _______________________ the reactor.

[a]restart [b] shut down [c] slow down

16.Dyatlov was concerned that he would be held responsible for ____________ to Kiev.

[a]loss of power [b] shortage of power

17.Dyatlov became ______________________ at their questioning his decision.

[a]enraged [b] encouraged [c] empowered.

18.Dyatlov’s orders were disobeyed (True / False)

19.The technicians began to grapple with tremendous forces (True / False)

20.The reactor began to over heat like a kettle boiling dry (True / False)

21.The heavy steel covers on the reactor access point were _________________ up and

down in their socket.

[a]sinking [b] jumping [c] melting

22.On 26 April at 1.23 am the reactor had ___________________

[a]integrated [b] dis-integrated [c] dis-united.

23.Valeri Perevoz Chenko soon after the explosion thought of his _____________

[a]friend [b] colleague [c] children

24.Dr Valentine Belokon spent all night and day treating _________________ victims.

25.The nearby town of Pripyat was completely ________________

[a]protected [b] evacuated [c] inhabited.

26.People were taken away in ________________ of buses.

[a]Caravans [b] Convoys [c] Crowds.

27.People left their _________________ and ____________________ never to return.

[a]relatives / friends [b] fields / cars [c] homes / possessions.

28.Family ____________ had to be left behind as large doses of radiation had collected on their furs.

29.The Chernobyl accident alerted the __________________

[a]Universe [b] World [c] Ukrain

30.The accident had a ______________ effect on Russia’s nuclear power.

[a]Positive [b] negative [c] nuclear.

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