CBSE Class 8 English Special Assignments Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Special Assignments

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Q1. In the given paragraph one word has been omitted in each line. Mark the place

where you think a word has been omitted with /, and write the correct word in the

space provided.

Cricket always excited the imagination a) ________

Indian youth and this excitement is b) ________

Not continued urban areas alone. c) ________

Villages too have share of the pleasure d) ________

this game. At the same time the Indian e) ______

awe at hierarchy status also f) ______

contributes to trials and tribulations g) ________

in game. This is graphically brought h) _______

out in the story.

Q2. Rearrange the following into meaningful sentences.

a) A four years old/to his death/a diving /to dive/advertisement/prompted.

b) Advertising aiming/in African/below 12years/and/America/is not/permitted/at

children/of age

c) Of children/code/Doordarshan’s/that endanger/advertisements/bans/the safety

d) Which/makes/feel inferior / if they / are also/do not / use the product /

advertisements / banned / children

Q3. You have been to a hill station in your holidays and is extremely elated to find the

beauty of the place and the simplicity of the people living in those areas. Write a

letter to you friend Nilesh /Nita describing the same.

Q4. Write an article on the topic” Foreign culture as well as T.V networking is destroying

our Indian ethics and culture”.

Q5. Think yourself to be the girl in the poem “To a Daughter leaving Home”, who is

extremely happy on her newly found independence. Pen down your experience as

well as the mixed emotions you had when left out for the first time on a bicycle.

Q6. What was Marc’s decision at the end of the story? Why did he take such a decision?

Give instances from the story in support of your answer.


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