CBSE Class 8 English Fill Blanks Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Fill Blanks

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I. Complete the following sentences using the options given below each question.

1. She was ………………………. to walk.

a) too tired b) enough tired c) tired enough

2. He isn’t ………………….. to lift that box.

a) enough strong b) strong enough c) too strong

3. The boy was ……………………….. to solve the problem.

a) enough clever b) clever enough c) too clever

4. We are not …………………….. to buy a car.

a) enough rich b) rich enough c) too rich

5. His behavior was ……………………….. for me to tolerate.

a) enough impudent b) impudent enough c) too impudent

6. She has become …………………….. to wear her old pair of jeans.

a) too fat b) fat enough c) enough fat

7. Was he ………………….. to listen to her?

a) too foolish b) foolish enough c) enough foolish

8. This is ……………………. to be true.

a) too good b) good enough c) enough good

9. I left the coffee for a minute to cool because it was ______ hot to drink.

a) too much b) too c) enough

10. He wasn't strong ___________ to lift that heavy box.

a) enough b) too c) not enough

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