CBSE Class 8 English Modals Worksheet Set A

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Modals - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.





I Fill in appropriate modals in the following sentences:

1. She ______________ get angry in a moment.

2. That was a time, I ______________ never forget.

3. These birds ______________ be kept in a cage.

4. I ______________ be back in a few minutes.

5. She ______________ to see the doctor.

6. There is a new car parked in the lot. It ______________ be of one of the neighbours.

7. I ______________ hear someone snoring.

8. It ______________ be a rat, they come in through the exhaust.

9. We do not want to be late. You ______________ get out of bed now.

10. We ______________ book the flight for you as well as advise you about the tour.

11. I thought I ______________ find you here.

12. It’s a long journey, they ______________ reach the city before midnight.

13. Schools ______________ teach children the difference between right and wrong.

14. You ______________ borrow my pen if you want to.

15. Whatever you do you ______________ tell others about it.

16. About five decades ago, you ______________ have got it for less than a rupee.

17. They complained that they ______________ rest.

18. This tablet ______________ cause drowsiness.

19. If you do not work hard you ______________ go to the next class.

20. I ______________ come back if I have time.

21. I ______________ like to help you.

22. ______________ I help you?

23. That ______________ be true. It’s absolutely impossible.

24. It ______________ be done it’s quite out of question.

25. There is some sound downstairs. It______________ be a burglar.

26. George ______________ help you if you give him a call.


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