CBSE Class 8 English The Gold Frame. Worksheet

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Class: 8[GS] Worksheet---Ls: 10 The Gold Frame.

Choose the correct answer/ Fill in the blanks/True or False.

1. Datta was a very silent and ________________ man.

[a] hard-waking [b] hard-working [c] hard-walking

2. ‘The Gold Frame’ is written by __________.

[a] R K Laxman [b] R K Narayan [c] R K Kamlan

3. Datta worked in a shop named__________.

[a] ‘The Olden Frame Works’ [b] ‘The Modern Frame Works’ [c] ‘The Golden Frame Works’

4. The shop was covered by pictures of ___________.

[a] cricket players [b] football players [c] hockey players

5. The old man in the photograph was a ___________.

[a] freedom fighter [b] generous man [c] doctor

6. Datta showed _____ types of frames to the customer.

[a] six [b] seven [c] eight

7. One of the samples of the gold frame was _________.

[a] geometrical [b] geographical [c] geological

8. Finally the selected frame was decorated with _________ leaves and winding creepers.

[a] bronze [b] silver [c] gold

9. ‘It is ________! Imported!,’ said Datta to the customer.

[a] German [b] Russian [c] American

10. “Plain Mount” means the cardboard will be of __________ shape.

[a] oval [b] rectangle [c] square

11. The frame’s cost was ___________.

[a] seventeen [b] sixteen [c] eighteen

12. The customer was shocked to hear the cost of the frame and tried to bargain. (True/False)

13. Datta replied that the frame will be ready in ____________days.

[a] thirteen [b] fourteen [c] fifteen

14. Datta’s customers never came _______.

[a] on time [b] in time [c] at times

15. The customer came on _____________.

[a] Thursday [b] Friday [c] Saturday

16. The photo of the customer was lying on a _______.

[a] shelf [b] bench [c] cupboard

17. Correct the statement if you think it is false. The continuous form of ‘shook’ is shooking.

(True/False) _______________.

18. Datta replaced the customer’s photo with the photo taken out of the wooden box. [T / F]

19. Datta faced the customer very boldly and confidently. (True / False)

20. The photo was ready by ___________.

[a] Sunday [b] Monday [c] Tuesday

21. When the customer finally came to take the photograph Datta was driving a nail in the

frame. (True / False)

22. The word ‘whole’ rhymes with b__ __e / r__ __e / m__ __e / s__ __e.

23. The customer brought the photo of his master. (True / False)

24. ‘Suddenly he saw the customer straighten’. Identify the modifier.

[a] suddenly [b] customer [c] straighten

25. ‘The customer fell silent like one who had entered the inner sanctum of a temple.’ You find

a __________ in this statement.

[a] simile [b] metaphor [c] alliteration

26. The customer noticed that Datta had changed the photograph of the old man. (True/False)

27. The customer deeply loved the old man in the photograph. (True / False)

28. The frame was made out of gold. (True / False)

29. R K Laxman is a famous __________.

[a] film director [b] story writer [c] cartoonist

30. R k Laxman joined “The Free Press Journal” in 1947 (True / False)

31. R K Laxman was older to R K Narayan. (True / False)

32. R K Laxman cartoons were published in Times Of India. (True / False)

33. Datta was a well-organized man. (True / False)

34. R K Laxman was awarded PadmaBhushan. (True / False)

35. “The Common Man” was created by R K Narayan. (True / False)


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