CBSE Class 8 English The Last Class Worksheet

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Class:8[GS] Worksheet---Ls:5 The Last Class

Choose the correct answer/ Fill in the blanks/State “ true or false”

1. This story was set in _____________ province.

[a] German [b] Alsace [c] French

2. The war was between France and __________.

[a] America [b] Germany [c] Russia

3. The people of France are called as ___________.

[a] Prussians [b] German [c] French

4. The country which was also under oppression like France during 1870 is _________.

[a] India [b] America [c] Russia

5.The narrator was ________.

[a] an Indian [b] a French [c] a German

6.I was late to school. Here “I” refers to __________.

[a] a school boy [b] a village boy [c] a teacher

7. It was such a ___________ day.

[a] warn lovely [b] warm lonely [c] warm lovely

8.Monsieur Hamel was __________.

[a] a professor [b] a teacher [c] a principal

9.The word “examine” from para-1 means_________.

[a] teach [b] learn [c] test

10. Wachter was the person who worked with __________.

[a] gold [b] iron [c] silver

11.The word which is wrongly spelt is _________.

[a] heard [b] heared [c] herd

12. The narrator reached his bench _________.

[a] unnoticed [b] unattended [c] unscolded

13. “Comrades” [para-6] means __________.

[a] classmates [b] commanders [c] students

14. “All bad news came from that board”. Here “board” means ________.

[a] carromboard [b] blackboard [c] notice board

15.Prussians are the people of ___________.

[a] France [b] Germany [c] Russia

16._________ is not a participle.

[a] cooked [b] flew [c] breaking

17.German has become the medium of instruction. This sentence is in _____________.

[a] present simple [b] past simple [c] present perfect.

18. Orders have come from ________.

[a] Alsace [b] Berlin [c] Lorraine

19. Monsieur Hamel felt suffocated due to __________.

[a] dust [b] smoke [c] emotion.

20. Monsieur Hamel planted a _________.

[a] grape-vine [b] hop-vine [c] land-mine

21. It was the last class as orders have come to _________.

[a]send that teacher away [b]shut the school down [c]to teach nothing except German

22. Participle is a word which is formed from a _________.

[a] verb [b] noun [c] adjective

23. The noun form of provincial is ___________.

[a] province [b] provide [c] prevent

24. Frantz was surprised because ___________.

[a] his teacher did not scold him [b]his teacher spoke to him politely

[c] he saw some villagers on the back benches.

25. The suitable prefix for the word “fortune” is ________.

[a] dis [b] mis [c] un

26._________ cooed on the rooftop of the school.

27.____________________ had a spelling book with him.

28. VIVE LA FRANCE is in ________________ language.

29. “Large in amount, value or importance” is the meaning of ________________.[para-18]

30. Frantz was alone responsible for not learning French __________ [true/false]


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