CBSE Class 8 English Tenses Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Tenses - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.





Fill in the blanks with correct form of the words given in the brackets:

1) William________(introduce) Margaret and her sister to uncle Dot and _______(show)him Margaret’s drawing. Uncle Dot______(study)the drawing and _____(say)’Well Done!’. Eventually Margaret _____(smile)and _________(express)her gratitude.

2) When I ______(reach) Maya’s house, she ______(leave) already. Though I ______ (reach) there at the appointed time, yet she ______(leave). Thus I ______ (come) back disappointed.

3) Yesterday I _____ (try) to take notes while the teacher ______ (explain) a topic in the class. Since she _______(not speak) loudly, it ______ (be) difficult to hear what she was saying.

4) The roof of the hall of a school building _______ (fall) down in heavy rains yesterday night. Five persons _______ (die) on the spot. The building_______ (be) under construction. According to the neighbours about fifteen persons ______ (sleep) in the hall. Most of the victims _____ (be) labour class.

5) Rajesh ______ (sit) in the train at this time tomorrow. We _____ (go) to see him off. He ______ (stay) with us for almost a month. He ________ (promise) that he _______ (visit) us again next year.

6) I ______ (look) forward to go to England, next year. I _______ (plan) to stay there for a few years. I _______ (come) back and ______ (serve) my country.

7) Ram ______ (invite) his friend Shyam on his birthday. When Shyam_______ (reach) his house, his classmates ______ (come) already. Ram ________ (introduce) Shyam to everyone and then_______ (serve) snacks to them. After he ______ (cut) the cake, they_______ (dance) as they ________ (decide).

8) Yesterday I ______ (see) a speeding car hit a scooterist who ______ (fall) unconscious. The poor fellow ______ (bleed) profusely before the people _______ (take) him to the hospital. The man ________ (struggle) for his life but _____ (breathe) his last after an hour.

9) Last Sunday when I _______ (return) home late at night, I was shocked to find my house unlocked. Someone ________ (break) into my house in my absence. All the boxes ______ (be) opened. I ______ (check) my locker in which I ______ (put) my money but it ______ (vanish). I ______ (report) the matter to the police.

10) Jagdish _______ (climb) the stairs when he ______ (fall) down and ________ (break) his leg. The doctor _______ (advise) him a month’s rest. He_______ (not able) to take his Terminal Exams and ______ (be) very upset about it.

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