CBSE Class 8 English Grammar Prepositions Worksheet Set D

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I) Given below are two sets of instructions. Read them carefully and complete the paragraph in the Passive Voice :

(A) How to Prepare Noodles

 Take one cup of water and boil it.

 Break the noodles and add to the boiling water.

 Add the spices given in the noodles packet.

 Stir it gently and cook for one minute.

 Delicious noodles are ready.

To prepare Maggie noodles, one (a)__________________________ and it is boiled in a pan. Now the noodles (b) ________________and added to the boiling water. The spices given in the packet (c) ____________to the noodles. It is now stirred gently and (d)______________one minute. A delecious dish is ready in just a short time.

(B) How to fill a pen

 Remove the cap of the pen and hold it in the left hand.

 Dip it into the ink pot.

 Catch the inkfiller pen in the right hand and pull it.

 Leave it to move back to its original position.

 Take the pen out of the ink pot.

To fill the ink pen, first of all the cap of the pen is removed and pen is held in the left hand. Now (a) __________________________________________

The inkfiller pen (b) __________________________________________________

And it is pulled. Now it (c) ____________________________________________

_________________ Finally the pen (d) __________________________________

____________________ to check if the ink has been filled.

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