CBSE Class 9 Science Life Process Circulation MCQs Set A



1. The impulse of heartbeat originates from :
(A) SA node
(B) Vagus nerve
(C) AV node
(D) Cardiac nerve
2. The heart of a healthy man beats normally per minute:
(A) 85-90 times
(B) 80-90 times
(C) 70-80 times
(D) 60-70 times
3. Systole causes :
(A) Entry of blood into lungs
(B) Entry of blood into heart
(C) Exit of blood from heart
(D) Exit of blood from ventricles
4. Haemoglobin is :
(A) Vitamin
(B) Skin pigment
(C) Respir atory pigment
(D) Carbohydrate
5. 'Dupp' sound is produced during closure of :
(A) Semilunar valves
(B) Biscuspid valve
(C) Tricuspid valve
(D) Both (B) and (C)
6. Typical 'lubb-dupp' sounds heard during heartbeat are due to :
(A) Closing of bicuspid and tricupid valves
(B) Closing of semilunar valves
(C) Blood under pressure through aorta
(D) Closure of bicuspid-tricuspid valves followed by semilunar valves 
7. The instrument used to hear heart sound is :
(A) Electrocardiograph (B) Sphygmomanometer
(C) Stethoscope (D) Haemometer
8. In adult man, normal BP is :
(A) 100/80 mm Hg (B) 120/80 mm Hg
(C) 100/120 mm Hg (D) 80/120 mm Hg
9. The instrument by which BP of man is determined :
(A) Ultrasound (B) BP meter
(C) Stethoscope (D) Sphygmomanometer
10. William Harvey is known for discovery of :
(A) Blood circulation (B) Blood clotting
(C) Respiration (D) Digestion
11. Mammals are said to have double circulation. It means :
(A) Blood vessels are paired
(B) There are two types of blood vessels attachedto every organ
(C) There are two systems, one from the heart to the lungs and back to hte rest of the body
(D) The blood circulates twice through the heart
12. In mammals, veins differs from arteries in having :
(A) Thicker walls (B) Deeply present
(C) Carry blood away from heart (D) Internal valves
13. Oxygenated blood returns from lungs to the heart through :
(A) Coronary vein (B) Pulmonary vein
(C) Coronary artery (D) Pulmonary artery
14. The smallest blood vessel in the body is :
(A) Capillary (B) Artery
(C) Vein (D) Vena cava
15 Arteries carry oxygenated blood except :
(A) Pulmonary (B) Cardiac
(C) Hepatic (D) Systemic
CBSE Class 9 Science Life Process Circulation MCQs Set A



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