CBSE Class 10 Biology MCQs All Chapters Set B

CBSE Class 10 Biology MCQs (1). Multiple choice questions have become an integral part of the CBSE examination system. Almost all exams have a section for MCQs. Students are advised to refer to the attached MCQ database and practice them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the MCQs to their children for practice.

1. To observe stomata in a dicot leaf,we must prepare the slide by taking

a. A crushed leaf   b. An upper epidermis of a leaf  c. A lower epidermis of a leaf  d. A central vein of a leaf.

2. Which of the following will not be observed in a epidermal leaf of a stomata?

a. Aperture b. Guard cells c. Subsidiary cells d. Chromosome

3. When student observed a stomatal epidermal peel or a leaf under the microscope,it appeared pinkish red. The stain used was

a. Iodine b. Acetocarmine c. Safranin d. Colchicine.

4. Rahul wanted to observe opening of stomata. At what time he should make the observation?

a. Night b. Evening c. Day d. None of these.

5. Rahul was shown slides of leaves. He should distinguish monocot and dicot leaf on the basis of

a. Shape of stomata b. Thickness of epidermis c. Size of cells d. Position of stomata.

6. Neetu plucked a leaf on Sunday to observe stomata. After 4 days on Thursday she went to laboratory to observe the stomata. She

a. Will observe it very clearly b. Will not be able to see c. Will observe only in sunlight d. Will observe at any time of day.

7. While preparing a temporary mount of a leaf epidermal peel,the extra stain is removed by

a. Washing with water b. Washing with calcium chloride solution c. Soaking with filter paper d. Absorbing with cotton wool.

8. A well stained leaf peel preparation when focused under high power of the microscope would show

a. Epidermal cells,stomata,guard cells each with one nucleus and many chloroplasts

b. Epidermal cells,stomata,guard cells with many nuclei and one chloroplast each

c. Stomata and guard cells without nuclei or chloroplasts

d. Stomata but no guard cells or epidermal cells.

9. A student prepared a temporary stained mount of leaf peel, if he has taken the peel from a plant kept in sunlight, the stomata will be found

a) closed b) open c) sunlight does not have any effect d) none of the above

10. Which of the following is used to stain leaf peel

a) methylene blue b) safranine c) colchicines d) glycerine

11. Which one of the following is correct

a) stomata are surrounded by epidermal cells  b) stomata are surrounded by guard cells

c) there is no nucleus in the guard cells  d) nucleus is absent in the epidermal cells

12. To study light is necessary for photosynthesis, the portion of the leaf covered with black paper

a) turns blue black on adding iodine b) turns pink on adding starch solution

c) does not change on adding iodine solution d) turns blue black on adding starch solution

13. Which one of the following is incorrect for the experiment light is necessary for photosynthesis

a) we must experiment on destarched plant b) we should cover a portion of the leaf with cellophane paper

c) we should cover a portion of the leaf with black paper d) leaf is boiled in alcohol before testing for the presence of starch

14. To remove chlorophyll from the leaf

a) the leaf is boiled in water b) the leaf is boiled in alcohol c) leaf is washed with glycerine d) leaf is washed with water

15. Which one of the following are most suitable for studying respiration in plants

a) boiled seeds b) dry seeds c) germinating seeds d) mashed seeds

16. Which is incorrect from the following

a) KOH is kept in the small tube in the flask  b)Ca(OH)2 is kept in the small tube in the flask

c) the apparatus is made airtight d) water rises in the delivery tube

17. What will be the observations if cotton is plugged instead of cork in the conical flask

a) water level rises up in the delivery tube b) water level falls down in the delivery tube

c) there is no change in the water level d) any of the following can happen

18. Destarching of the plant is preferred before putting a black strip to test light is essential for photosynthesis it means

a) potted plant should be kept in dark two days before the experiment

b) plucked leaf should be kept in dark two days before the experiment

c) plucked stem should be kept in dark two days before the experiment

d) potted plant should be kept in light two days before the experiment

19. To test “light is necessary for photosynthesis” priyanshu kept the destarched leaf in iodine.which observation will show the photosynthesis

a) blue black colouration in photosynthetic area b) yellow colouration in photosynthetic area

c) red colouration in photosynthetic area d) black colouration in photosynthetic area.

20. Arrange the steps in correct order to demonstrate that carbon dioxide is produced during respiration.

i) soak gram seeds overnight and place in conical flask ii) fit a cork and U tube on the conical flask

iii) suspend a test tube containing KOH iv) keep the set up undisturbed.

a) i-ii-iii-iv b) i-ii-iv-iii c) i-iii-ii-iv d) i-iii-iv-ii

21. A student sets up the apparatus for the experiment to show that carbon dioxide is released during respiration. After 2 hours, he would observe

a) KOH turning milky. b) water level rising in the bent tube in the beaker.

c) water level decreasing in the bent tube in the beaker. d) water turning turbid in the beaker.

22. To arrange an experiment set-up to show that carbon dioxide is released during respiration the water should be put in:

a) the conical flask b) the small test tube and hanged in the conical flask c) the beaker d) the delivery tube.

23. Muscle fatigue is caused due to

a) Pyruvic acid b) Ethyl alcohol c) Lactic acid d) None of these.

24. Fermentation is a type of

a) Aerobic respiration b) Anaerobic respiration c) Endergonic reaction d) None of these.

25. Chemical energy is stored as

a) ADP b) ATP c) AMP d) ARP.

26. Respiration occurs only in living cells like germinating seeds because

a) living cells need ATP b) living cells have glucose c) living cells have oxygen d) all of these.

27. Mohan prepared lime water and used it next month to show that carbon dioxide is produced during respiration

i) White ppt will be formed ii) White ppt will not be formed iii) Lime water should be fresh. iv) Lime water should be used anytime.

a) ii is correct  b) ii and ii are correct  c) i and iv are correct  d) ii and iv are correct.

28. Which of the following precautions are to be taken for a successful run of the experiment to show that carbon dioxide is given out during respiration?

A) Cork should be air tight. B) Seeds in the flask should be totally dry.

C) A small tube with freshly prepared KOH solution should be placed in the  flask.

D) The end of the delivery tube should be above water level. The correct answer is

a) A and B b) A and C  c) A,B and C  d) A,B and D

29. In an airtight experimental set-up which was used by you in laboratory to study respiration in germinating seeds, the seeds obtained the oxygen for respiration from

a) air in the flask b) water in the beaker c) water in the germinating seeds d) water used for soaking the seeds.

30. Before setting up an experiment to show that seeds release carbon dioxide during respiration, the seeds should be

a) dried completely b)boiled to make them soft c) soaked in vinegar d) kept moist till they germinate.

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