CBSE Class 9 Science Heredity and Evolution MCQs Set A


1. Mendel conducted his hybridisation experiment with :-
(A) Chick pea
(B) Pigeon pea
(C) Garden pea
(D) Wild pea
2. Mendel studied seven contrasting characters for his breeding experiment with Pisum sativum, which of the following character did he not use :-
(A) Pod colour
(B) Pod shape
(C) Leaf shape
(D) Plant height
3. The main reason of Mendel's successs in discovering the principles of inheritance was :-
(A) He considered each character separately
(B) He was lucky not to encounter linkage problem
(C) The plant was pure breeding
(D) All the above
4. Mendel was lucky in the choice of the material of his experiments, among the following, which contributed, to his success ?
(A) He observed distinct inherited traits
(B) He qualitatively analysed his date
(C) He liked pea plants
(D) He considered only one character at one time
5. The year 1990 AD is highly significant for genetics due to :-
(A) Principle of linkage
(B) Chromosome theory of heredity
(C) Rediscovery of Mendelism
(D) Discovery of genes
6. Genotype means :-
(A) Genetic composition of the individual
(B) Genetic composition of the germ cell
(C) Genetic composition of plastids
(D) Genetic compositon of an organ
7. The physical manifestation of an organism's genes is its :-
(A) Environment (B) Phenotype (C) Genetic code (D) Genotype
8. An organism with two identical alleles of a gene in a cell is called :-
(A) Homozygous (B) Domainant (C) Heterozygous(D) Hybrid
9. When an individual is having both the alleles of contrasting characters it is said to be :-
(A) Heterozygous (B) Dioecious (C) Monoecious (D) Linked genes
10. When an allele fails to express itself in F1 generation in the presence of other allele, the former is said to be :-
(A) Recessive (B) Codominant (C) Complementary (D) Epistatic
11. Alleles are :-
(A) Homologous chromosome
(B) Chromosome that have crossed over
(C) Alternate forms of gene
(D) Linked genes
12. Mendel's laws apply only when :-
(A) F1 in monohybrid cross shows two types of individuals
(B) The character are linked
(C) Parents are pure breeding
(D) First pair of contrasting character is dependent upon other pairs
13. Which of Mendel's procedures differed from those of his predecessor and contributed most of his success ?
(A) He observed many characteristics of each trait
(B) He observed distinct inherited traits
(C) He quantitatively analysed his data
(D) He kept breeding records
14. If a plant is heterozygous for tallness, the F2 generation has both tall and dwarf plants. This proves the principle of :-
(A) dominance (B) segregation
(C) independent assortment (D) incomplete dominance
15. Mendel crossed a pure white flowered recessive pea plant with a dominant pure red flowered plant. The first generation of hybrids from the cross should show :-
(A) 50% white flowers and 50% red flowers
(B) all red flowered plants
(C) 75% red flowered and 25% red flowered plants
(D) all white flowered plants
16. If a couple has three daughters, what are the chances that the fourth child will be a son ?
(A) 100% (B) 75% (C) 50% (D) 0%
17. If a heterozygous tall plant is crossed with a homozygous dwarf plant, the proportion of dwarf progeny will :-
(A) 50% (B) 75% (C) 100% (D) 25%
18. The crossing of a homozygous tall plant with a dwarf would yield F2 plants in the ratio of :-
(A) two tall and two dwarf
(B) one homozygous tall, one homozygous dwarf and two heterozygous tall
(C) all homozygous dwarf
(D) all homozygous tall
19. When a true breeding tall plant is crossed with a true breeding short plant and the F1 produced is self pollinated to produce F2 ratio of true breeding tall and true breeding short plant in F2 will be :-
(A) 1 : 2 (B) 1 : 1 (C) 2 : 1 (D) 1 : 3
20. Blue eye colour in human is recessive to brown eye colour. The expected children of a marriage between blue-eyed woman and brown-eyed male who had a blue-eyed mother are likely to be :-
(A) all blue-eyed (B) three blue-eyed and one brown-eyed
(C) all brown-eyed (D) one blue-eyed and one brown-eyed
21. The genotype of a dominant parent is determined by crossing it with the recessive parent. This cross is called :-
(A) back cross (B) test cross (C) long cross (D) out cross
22. The results of a test cross reveal that all the offspring resemble the parent being tested. This parent must be :-
(A) heterozygous (B) homozygous (C) recessive (D) haploid
CBSE Class 9 Science Heredity and Evolution MCQs Set A



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