CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2022 Set B Solved

1 State any one characteristic of co-ordination. 
2 How does management help in increasing efficiency?
3 What is meant by “single use plan.?” 
4 Laxmi Chemicals Ltd., a soap manufacturing company wanted to increase its market share from 30% to 55% in the long run. A recent report submitted by the Research &Development Department of the company had predicted a growing trend of herbal and organic products. On the basis of this report the company decided to diversify into new variety of soaps with natural ingredients having benefits and fragrances of Jasmine, Rose, Lavendear, Mogra, Lemon Grass, Green Apple, Strawberry etc. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) was to promote eco-friendly living in the contemporary life style. The company decided to allocate Rs.30 crores to achieve the objective. Identify the type of one of the functions of
management mentioned above which will help the company to acquire dominant position in the market. 
5 Reshu’s father has gifted her shares of a large cement company, with which he had been working. The securities were in physical form. She already has a bank account and does not possess any other forms of securities. She wished to sell the shares and approached a registered broker for the purpose. Mention one mandatory detail which she will have to provide with the broker.
6 How do rising prices affect the requirement of working capital of an organisation? 
7 Good Living Ltd. manufactures mosquito repellent tablets. These tablets are packed in strips of 12 tablets each. Each of these strips are packed in a cardboard box, 48 such boxes are then placed in a big corrugated box and delivered to various retailers for sale. State the purpose of packaging the tablets in a corrugated box. 
8 Shreemaya Hotel in Indore was facing a problem of low demand for its rooms due to off season. The Managing Director (MD) of the hotel, Mrs. Sakina was very worried. She called upon the Marketing Manager, Mr.Kapoor for his advice. He suggested, that the hotel should announce an offer of ‘3 Days and 2 Nights hotel stay packaged with free breakfast and one day religious visit to Omkarehswar and Mahakaleshwar Temples’. The MD liked the suggestion very much. Identify the promotional tool, which can be used by the hotel, through which large number of prospective pilgrimage tourists, all over the country and also abroad, can be reached, informed and persuaded to use the incentive. 
9 State any three points which highlight the importance of delegation for an organisation. 
10 Explain any two factors affecting price of a product. 
11 ‘If anything goes wrong with the performance of key activities, the entire organization suffers. Therefore, the organization should focus on them.’ Explain the statement with a suitable example. 
12 Aakanksha, Nikita and Parishma are the owners of a handicraft unit in the 3 urban area of Dibrugarh in Assam, which is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Sital Pati, traditional mats and Jappi (the traditional headgear). They decided to shift this manufacturing unit to a rural area with an objective of reducing the cost and providing job opportunities to the locals.
They followed the functional structure in this organisation with a view to increasing managerial and operational efficiency.
They assessed and analysed the type and number of employees required, keeping in mind that they had to encourage the women, and the people with special needs belonging to the rural area. State the next three steps that they will have to undertake, for obtaining a satisfied workforce for their handicraft unit.
13 Saqib Ltd. is a large credit worthy company operating in the Kashmir Valley. It is an export oriented unit, dealing in exclusive embroidered shawls. The floods in the Valley have created many problems for the company. Many craftsmen and workers have been dislocated and raw material has been destroyed. The firm is therefore, unable to get an uninterrupted supply of raw material, and the duration of the production cycle has also increased. To add to the problems of
the organisation, the suppliers of raw material who were earlier selling on credit are asking the company, for advance payment or cash payment on delivery. The company is facing a liquidity crisis. The CEO of the company feels that taking a bank loan is the only option with the company to meet its short term shortage of cash. As a finance manager of the company name and explain the alternative to bank borrowing that the company can use to resolve the crisis. 
14 Nutan Tiffin Box service was started in Mumbai by Mumbai Dabbawalas. The Dabbawalas who are the soul of entire Mumbai aim to provide prompt and efficient services by providing tasty homemade tiffin to all office goers at right time and place. The service is uninterrupted even on the days of bad weather, political unrest and social disturbances. Recently they have started online booking system through their website ‘’. Owing to their tremendous popularity amongst the happy and satisfied customers and members, the dabbawalas were invited as guest lecturers by top business schools. The Dabbawalas operate in a group of 25-30 people along with a group leader. Each group teams up with other groups in order to deliver the tiffin on time. They are not transferred on frequent basis as they have to remember the addresses of their customers. They follow certain rules while doing trade- No alcohol during working hours; No leave without permission; Wearing of white cap & carrying ID cards during business hours.
Recently on the suggestion of a few self motivated fellow men, the dabbawalas thought out and executed a plan of providing food left in tiffins by customers to slum children. They have instructed their customers to place red sticker if food is left in the tiffin, to be fed to poor children later. a) State any one principle of management given by Fayol & one characteristic of management mentioned in the above case. b) Give any two values which the Dabbawalas want to communicate to the society. 
15 Kiran Industries is a company manufacturing office furniture. The company chose to diversify its operations to improve its growth potential and increase market share. As the project was important many alternatives were generated for the purpose and were thoroughly discussed amongst the members of the organisation. After evaluating the various alternatives Sukhvinder, the Managing Director of the company decided that they should add ‘Home Interiors and Furnishings’ as a new line of business activity. a) Name the framework, which the diversified organisation should adopt, to enable it to cope with the emerging complexity? Give one reason in support of your answer. b) State any two limitations of this framework. 
16 Mrs. Rajlaxmi is working as the Human Resource Consultant in a firm manufacturing cosmetic, which is facing a problem of high employee turnover. The CEO of the company has invited suggestions from her for retaining the talented employees & reducing the employee turnover. Mrs. Rajlaxmi recommends that the good employees be rewarded in a way that it creates a feeling of ownership among the employees and at the same time makes them contribute towards the growth of the organization.
a) Identify the incentive and explain its type, which has been suggested by Mrs. Rajlaxmi to the CEO of the company.
b) Also explain any two other incentives of the same type. 
17 Enumerate any two techniques of scientific management.

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