CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2019 (1)

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2019 (1). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1 What is meant by 'Globalisation'? 

2 A production manager has directed his employees to throw different types of wastes like papers, plastics and chemicals in the respective earmarked dustbins. By this which value he wants to inculcate among his employees?

3 What is meant by "single use plan?'' 

4 Mr. Sagar is working at the post of Sales Manager in Facile Ltd. Last year the targeted sales increased to 10,000 units from earlier target of 8,000 units. He achieved this very easily. To achieve this, he increased the expenditure on advertisement to almost double the previous amount. Did the sales manager perform his duty efficiently and effectively? If not then, how?

5 What does the term 'Span of management' refer to? 

6 Rajat a sales manager, achieved his sales targets one month in advance. This achievement was displayed on the notice board and a certificate for the best performance was awarded to him by the CEO of the company. Name the incentive provided to Rajat.

7 Personnel manager of Pioneer Ltd. while selecting employees give preference to employees who hail from his native place. Which values are affected?

8 How does management help in increasing efficiency? 

9 "Management is regarded as an art by some, as science or as an inexact science by others. The truth seems to be somewhere in between." In the light of this statement, explain the true nature of management.

10 Hyundai started offering a discount ofRs.30,000 on purchase of Vema. In response to this, Honda started with a scheme of free Insurance for 2 years on Honda city. Identify the type of plan indica ..ted in the given statement.

11 Differentiate between Upward communication and Downward communication. 

12 Mr. Saurabh Kwnar is a production manager ina big manufacturing company. He found that refreshment expenses have been increased by 15% and cost of production has increased by 5%. Out of the two deviations, which deviation needs immediate attention?

13 There are two managers, Rahim and Pankaj. Rahim is saying that 'Controlling is forward looking' whereas according to Pankaj 'Controlling is looking back'. Who is correct? Explain why?

14 Name and explain the principles of management in which workers should be encouraged to develop and carry out their plans for improvements in their organisation.

15 An auto company C Ltd. is facing a problem of declining market share due to increased competition from other new and existing players in the market. Its competitors are introducing lower priced models for mass consumers who are price sensitive. For quality conscious consumers, the company is introducing new models with added features and new technological advancements.


1. Identify the limitations of such plans.

2. How will you seek to remove these limitations?

16 A company 'M' limited is manufacturing mobile phones both for domestic Indian market as well as for export. It had enjoyed a substantial market share and also had a loyal customer following. But lately it has been experiencing problems because its targets have not been met with regard to sales and customer satisfaction. Also mobile market in India has grown tremendously and new players have come with better technology and pricing. This is causing problems for the company. It is planning to revamp its controlling system and take other steps necessary to rectify the problems it is facing.


1. Identify the benefits the company will derive from a good control system.

2. How can the company relate its planning with control in this line of business to ensure that its plans are actually implemented and targets attained. 

17 Enumerate any two techniques of scientific management. 

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