CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Boards 2021 Sample Paper Solved

1. ------------------------- is the process of dividing work into manageable activities and then grouping the activities which are similar in nature.
A. Coordination
B. Departmentalisation
C. Organisation Structure
D. Delegation of authority
2. Even Though the political conditions vary from country to country, they impact the sentiment of an investor in the business, if the instability of the political conditions cause uncertainty and make it difficult for him to predict the future. Which feature of the Business environment is being highlighted in the above statement?
A. Specific and general forces
B. Dynamic nature
C. Relativity
D. All the above.
3. “Any one can be called a manager irrespective of the educational qualification possessed.”
Identify the characteristic of the profession that Management does not fulfil in the statement being discussed above.
A. Ethical code of Conduct
B. Professional Association
C. Restricted Entry
D. Service Motive
4. “Even after opening up of the Indian economy in 1991 foreign companies found it extremely difficult to cut through the bureaucratic red tape to get permits for doing business in India, which created a negative impact on business.”
Identify the dimension of the business environment which led to creation of the negative impact on business.
A. Social Environment
B. Technological
C. Political Environment
D. Legal Environment
5. Name the process of working with and through others to effectively achieve organisational objectives by efficiently using limited resources in a changing environment.
A. Management
B. Planning
C. Organising
D. Controlling.
6. “The increase in the demand for many Ayurvedic medicines, Health products and services in the past few months, is related to the need for building immunity and an increased awareness for health care due to the spread of Corona virus.” Identify the feature of business environment being described above.
A. Specific and general forces
B. Interrelatedness
C. Relativity
D. None of the above
7. Which of the following is not an element of social environment?
(a) A. Birth and Death rate
B. Constitution of the country
(c) C. Population Shifts
D. Life expectancy
8. ‘Even where members of a department willingly cooperate and work, a manager has to coordinate the efforts of different people in a conscious manner.’ Identify the characteristic of coordination discussed above.
A. Coordination ensures unity of action
B. Coordination is a deliberate function
C. Coordination is a continuous process
D. Coordination is an all-pervasive function
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