CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2017 (2)

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2017 (2). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Q.1 Explain how management helps in the development of society. (1)

Q.2 Give any one reason why principles of management are not rigid prescriptions. (1)

Q.3 What is meant by ‘Business environment’? (1)

Q.4 “Plans are always successful”. Do you agree ? Give one reason. (1)

Q.5 Merry Ltd. was manufacturing a single product for last three years. Recently they acquired three new manufacturing units and have started selling multi-products in the domestic market. Suggest which type of organizational structure Merry Ltd. must adopt now.(1)

Q.6 Ms Rama joined Maxwell Ltd. as an intern. On her first day, the HR manager took her around and introduced her to all the employees working in the organization. Which step of the staffing process is highlighted here.(1)

Q.7 “The employees feel satisfied if superiors appreciate their contribution, listen to their ideas”. According to Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, which need of the employees will be satisfied in the above case.(1)

Q.8 Why do employees resist controlling? (1)

Q.9 Identify the principle of management being violated in the following situations –

i) Mr. Nitin the HR manager grants his assistant ten days paid leave for holiday but rejects Rohit’s leave application for appearing in an exam.

ii) Puneet and Sarita are working as sales managers in Well Ltd. They both have similar responsibilities but Puneet enjoys higher salary than Sarita.

iii) Kumar and Dubey are part of a sales team and are responsible to achieve target collectively. In order to be superior to others they never discuss their plans with the team.(3)

Q.10 “Planning bridges the gap between where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow”. Explain the given statement with an example. 

Q.11 What is meant by ‘Informal organisation’? Explain any two advantages. (3)

Q.12 What is meant by Recruitment? How is it different from Selection? (3)

Q.13 Mr. Vimal Nath, a sales manager achieved his sales targets one month in advance.His achievement was displayed on the notice board and a certificate for the best performance was awarded to him by the CEO of the company. Name the type of incentive provided to Mr. Vimal Nath. Also explain any other two incentives of this type. (3)

Q.14 Prakash Ltd., a leading manufacturer of Iron and Steel decided to open up a branch in a remote area in Bastar. Its aim was to provide equal opportunities to the unemployed youth from the rural areas. All children in the area are also getting good education in the schools established by the company.

a) Give any two advantages of adopting the objective of Management highlighted in the above mentioned case.

b) Which values are emphasized by the company? (4)

Q.15 The court passed an order that all schools must have water purifier for the school children as –

a) Society in general is more concerned about quality of life.

b) Innovative techniques are being developed to manufacture water purifier at competitive rates.

Identify the different dimensions of business environment by quoting from the above details. Also highlight the values emphasized by the order. (4)

Q.16 Rahul, a worker is given a target of assembling two computers per day. Due to his innovative thinking he not only found a way of reducing the assembling time of computers but also reducing the cost of production of the computers. Rahul’s supervisor instead of appreciating him, ordered him to complete the work as per old methods and techniques. Identify the limitation of planning described in the above para. Explain the above limitation by quoting lines from the above para. (4)

Q.17 Give the meaning of ‘Organising’. State the steps in the process of organizing. (4)

Q.18 The workers of a factory are unable to work on new machines and always demand for help of the supervisor. The supervisor is overburdened with their frequent calls. Suggest the remedy. (4)

Q.19 Following communication indicates barriers to effective communication. Identify them and also mention the measures to be taken to improve the effectiveness of communication. (4)

a) Mohit prefers to stay away from his boss. He is always scared that his boss will not accept his suggestions.

b) The National Sales Manager during his visit to the southern zone spoke to the Sales Manager in Hindi. 

Q.20 A leader follows a specific leadership style to lead his team. State which style would be most appropriate to handle unskilled workforce. Justify your choice of leadership.(5)

Q.21 Neeraj Pandit started a company Sell Well Ltd, with ten employees, to assemble economical computers for the Indian rural market. The company did very well in its initial years. As the product was good and marketed well, the demand went up. To increase production the company decided to recruit additional employees. Neeraj who was earlier taking all decisions for the company had to selectively disperse the authority. He believed that people are competent, capable and resourceful and can assume responsibility. This paid off and the company was not only able to increase its production but also expanded its product range with different features.

a) Identify the concept used by Neeraj through which he was able to steer his company to greater heights.

b) Also explain any four points of importance of this concept. (5)

Q.22 An organization provides security services. It requires such candidates who are reliable and don’t leak out secret of their clients.(5)

a) Identify the step of the selection process to be used by the company for checking honesty and reliability of the candidates.

b) Name the source of recruitment that should be used by the organization.

c) State any two disadvantages of this source of recruitment.

d) State any two advantages of this source of recruitment.

Q.23 What is meant by ‘Management’? State any five characteristics of Management. (6)

Q.24 Explain the following principles of management.

a) Harmony, Not Discord

b) Authority and Responsibility (6)

Q.25 Health Ltd. is a large company engaged in assembly of air conditioners. The target volume of the company in a day is assembling of 1000 units of air-conditioners. The company is providing attractive allowances to reduce labour turnover and absenteeism. All the workers are happy. Even then the assembly of air-conditioners per day is 800 units only. To find out the reason the company compared actual performance of each worker with the Standards and observed through CCTV that some of the workers were busy in gossiping.

a) Identify the function of management discussed above.

b) Identify the steps in the process of the function which are discussed in the above paragraph.

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