CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2014 (2)

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1. One of Fayol’s Principle envisages” a place for everyone and everything in the organization”. Name the Principle. 

2. Ram uses aggressive selling techniques like advertising to increase market share of his company’s product and thus earns more profits. Which concept of marketing is he relying upon? 

3. State any two designation of middle level management. 

4. Why are management principles mainly said to be behavioural? 

5. Name the dimension of business environment which includes forces like traditions, values, social trends, and society’s expectation from business. 

6. How does a good control system help in making efficient use of resources? 

7. State elements of directing function of management. 

8. Name the first step undertaken in the process of selection of employees. 

9. Define management? 

10. Which type of incentive is job enrichment it? 

11. Explain the concept of planning premises with a suitable example. 

12. Explain any two types of packaging with suitable example. 

13. What is primary aim of financial management? State any one way by which firms try to achive this objective? 

14. How is return on investment calculated? How does ROI affect capital structure? 

15. Discuss any 4 challenges wihc the Indian Corporate sector has come to face due to change in Government Policy? 

16. Explain any two principles of scientific management advocated by Taylor.

17. Explain any 3 benefits of personal selling to businessmen.

18. Explain any 3 limitations of planning.

19. Mita, a woman entrepreneur manufactures pickles in her business unit. She intends to diversify into making papads, and ready to eat products. State which type of organizational structure she should choose and why.

20. Explain importance of organizing to an organization?

21. Define financial management. What is the basic aim of financial management?

22. With reference to marketing explain the functions of :

a. Branding’

b. Labeling

23. “Management is not a true science”. Comment. 

24. Explain the main steps in staffing process.

25. Explain the broad features of the new industrial policy introduced by the Govt. in the year 1991.

26. Explain the various steps involved in the process of controlling? 

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