CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2019 (2)

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2019 (2). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1.'Bhuvan',who was vegetarian went to a snack bar for having French fries and laterfound out that it had non vegetarian content. Neithr the advertisement nor the packing of the product displaced that the product has non vegetarian content.Will Bhuvan be able to claim compensation. Which right of the consumer is violated? 

2.·Explain how 'cost of debt' aff cts the choice of capital structure of a company. · 

3.' HCL' has its warehousing arrangements at key locations across the country.Its warehousing services help business firms to reduce their overheads,increase efficiency and cut down distribution time. State with reason,whe her the working capital requirements of 'HCL' will be high or low. 

4. Define planning premises. 

5. How, does management help in achieving personalobjectives? State. 

6. Alliance engaged in manufacturni g plastic buckets.The objective of the company is to manufacture 100 buckets in a day.To achieve this,the efforts of all departments are coordinated and interlinked and authority-responsibility relationship is established among various job positions.There is clarity on who is to report to whom Name the functionof management discussed above. 

7.' Beauty·Product Ltd.' is a natural and ethicalbrand famous for offering organic beauty products for men and women.The company uses plant based materials for its products the No.1beauty brand in the country.It not only satisfies its customers but also believes in overall protectionof the planet. Identify the marketingmanagement philosophy being followed by 'Beauty Products Ltd.' 

8. What is meant by effectiveness I inmanagement? 

9. Mohan was a supervisor at I Mohan Aata'.factory.The factory was producing 300 quintals of aata- every day.His job was to make sure that the work goes on smoothly and there was no interruption in production.He was a good leader who would give orders only after consulting his subordinates and work out policies with the acceptance of the group. Identify and describe the leadership style being adopted by Mohan. 

10. Neha ,a sales representative of I Omed Ltd.. has changed seven jobs in the last one year. She is a.hard working person but is not able to finalise deals with the customers due to her inadequate vocabulary and omission of needed words.Sometimes she uses wrong words because of which intended meaning is not conveyed. All this created a misunderstanding between her and her client .

[i] Identify the communication barrier discussed above. 

[ii] State the category of communicationbarrier. 

[iii] Explain any other communication barrier of the same category. 

11. Explain the technique of scientific management that is the extension of Principle of Division of Work and Specialisation. 

12. As a publisher,you have published a new book on marketing management.How will you determine the price of the book? 

13:Pradeep Industries is planning to issue equity shares to raise funds worth Rs.1,000 crores for its expansion and growth.The company has 4 directors and each director is suggesting different method for the new isse. Name themarket through which directors will offer.If the directors

[i] Offer the entire new issue to Life Insurance Company.

[ii]lssue shares to public via issue houses and stock brokers.

[iii] First ask existing shareholders to apply for new issue as it is a compulsory requirement under Com'panies Act.  

14. Delhigovernment imposes ban on use,storage,sale and manufacture of plastic bags after considering its adverse impact on environment and ecology.

[i] Which principle of Fayolis mentioned in the above decision. :

[ii] identify any two values which are communicated to the society. 

[iii] Explain any two features of principle of management highlighted in the above case. 

15. [i] Anita purchasd a book from Satish book stores. While reading the book she found that ten pages were missing.She approached to the seller of the book and complained aboutthe missing pages.The seller promised that if the publisher was ready to change the book he would change the same.After a week the seller informed Anita the publisher had refused to change the book.

Where can Anita file a complain against the seller of the book? Give reasons in support of your answer. 

[ii] Explain the following rights of a consumer;

(a) Right to seek redressal (b) Right to consumer education 

16. SethiIndustries is facing a lot of opposition as it pays less salary to female workers as compared to male workers for equal work.

[i}ldentify the principle of management which is not followed by SethiIndustries. 

[ii] Which dimension of business environment is being violated in the given situation.

[iii] Explain any other two dimension of business environment which is not stated in part [ii] above. 

17. Mr.Gupta started a telecommunicationcompany.'Dunee Ltd.' to manufacture economicalmobile phones for the Indian rural market with 15 employees.The company did very well,in the initialyears. As the product was good and marketed well,the demand of its product went up.To increase production the company decided to recruit additional employees.Mr.Gupta,who was earlier taking all decisions for the company had to selectively disperse the authority. He believed that subordinates are competent, capable and resourceful and can assume responsibility for effective implantation of the

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