CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2014 (3)

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1 Define job rotation.

2 ‘A good leader does not wait for opportunities but creates them’. What quality of a good leader is highlighted by this statement? 

3 Mention any two measures to improve communication effectiveness. 

4 Planning is an empty exercise without this function of management. Mention this function. 

5 Name the financial decision which will help a businessman in opening a new branch of its business. 

6 How can a liberal credit policy affect working capital requirement of an organization? 

7 What does dematerialization of securities refer to? 

8 Enumerate three kinds of functions of SEBI. 

9 What impact can a good design of the product have? 

10 Can a buyer be treated as the marketier? If yes when? 

11 Sonu wants to buy a packet of juice. As an aware customer how can he be sure about the quality of juice he wants to buy? 

12 When can a consumer make an appeal in the Supreme Court under ‘The Consumer Protection Act 1986’? 

13 “Management Principles are evolutionary”. Explain. 

14 In your school, you observe that books are kept in office, chalks in the library and office records in the staff room. How will that affect the achievement of school objective? Which aspect of a management is lacking here and why? As a manager what steps will you take to rectify the short comings? 

15 “Planning is pervasive”. Explain briefly. 

16 Differentiate between ‘policy’ and ‘rule’ as types of plans. 

17 Preeta, a school bag manufacturer decided to improve the product for profit maximization and thus added a water bottle holder to the existing design.

(i) Identify the marketing management philosophy adopted by Preeta 

(ii) Explain the philosophy on the basis of: (a) Main focus (b) Means and ends 

18 Enumerate any three market related factors that should be kept in view while taking decisions on the choice of channels of distribution of any product. 

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