CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2020 Solved (2)

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2020 Solved (2). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Q1: Give meaning of the term ‘Deviation’ as used in the control function of Management?

Ans: ‘Deviation’ is the gap between Actual Results and Planned Results.

Q2: Ramesh is working under the guidance of Harish a carpenter, for the last three years to learn the different skills of this job. Name the method of Training, Ramesh is undergoing.

Ans: Apprenticeship Training.

Q3: Harish is engaged in warehousing Business and his Warehouses are generally used by the business and his warehouses are generally used by the businessmen to store fruits. Identify the working capital requirements of Harish giving reason in support of your answer.

Ans: Working capital Requirement of Harish would be less as it is Service Industry.

Q4: Akmard wants to buy an iron.As an aware customer, how can he be sure about the of iron?

Ans: 151 Mark label

Q5: Which concept in Financial Management takes into consideration the growth, performance investment and requirements of funds for a given time period?

Ans: Financial Planning

Q6: In an organization employee always feel that they are under stress. They take least initiative and fear to express their problems before themanager.What leadership style does themanager follow?

Ans: The manager follows ‘Authoritative’ orAutocratic ‘leadership style.

Q7: Dushant, who was a vegetarian, went to a snack bar for having French Fries and later on found that it has non vegetarian content. Neither the advertisement nor the packing of the product displayed that the product has non-vegetarian contents. Will Dushyant be able to claim compensation? Which right of the customer is violated?

Ans: Yes, Dushyant will be able to claimthe compensation as the seller has violated the “Right to Information”.

Q8: Ankur is working as a production Manager in an organization. His subordinate Saurabh discussed with him a method of production which will reduce the cost of production. But due to some domestic problems andAnkur’s mind being preoccupied he is not in a position to understand the message, Saurabh got disappointed by this identity. Identity the factor which acts as a communication barrier.

Ans: Lack ofAttention (Psychological/Emotional Barriers to communication)

Q9: Explain any three functions of Packaging?

a) Product Protection

b) Product Identification 

c) Helps in grading the products into different categories.

d) Describes the Product & specifies its contents

e) Provides information required by law

(Any 3 points correctly stated and explained) 

Q10: “Price of a product is influenced by many factors”. Explain the three factors influencing pricing.

Factors of feeling Pricing Decision

(a) Pricing objectives

(b) Product cost

(c) Competition in the Market

(d) Utility and Demand

(e) Government and legal Regulations

(f) Marketing Method used

(Any 3 points correctly stated & explained 

Q11 Explain howPrincipal ofManagement help in optimumutilization of Resources and Effective Administrator and I fulfilling social Responsibility.

Ans: Optimumutilization of Resources&effective optimumutilization of resources by equipping managers to foresee the cause and effect relationships thereby reducing thewastages associated with Trail and error approach. Similarly, Management Principal Act as guidelines for top management to formulate various administrative plans and policies. Fulfilling social Responsibility: Management Principles also guide the mangers to perform social responsibilities for ex, the Principle of ‘Fair Remuration’ insists on adequate salary to employees.

Q12: A company is manufacturing garments the manger wants to increase profits by purchasing newhigh speedmachines or increasing the sale price or usingwastematerial inmanufacturing stuffed toys. He decided that using waste material to increase the profit is the best solution for him.

Ans: (a) The concept ofmanagement involved is – PLANNING next three steps involved are:

• Formulation Derivative plans to support the main plan

• Selecting the best possible alternative using waste material in manufacturing stuffed toys

• Implementing the plan and follow up action to ensure that objectives are achieved

(b) The value promoted by the company is “optimum utilization of resources”. 

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