CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2018 (7)

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2018 (7). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1. What is meant by 'efficiency' in management? 1

2. How does management help in achieving personal objectives? State. 1

3. Define 'planning premises'. 1

4. Alliance Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing plastic buckets. The objective of the company is to manufacture 100 buckets a day. To achieve this, the efforts of all departments are co-ordinated and interlinked and authority-responsibility relationship is established among various job positions. There is clarity on who is to report to whom. Name the function of management discussed above. 1

5. Explain how 'cost of debt' affects the choice of capital structure of a company. 1

6. 'Indian Logistics' has its own warehousing arrangements at key locations across the country. Its warehousing services help business firms to reduce their overheads, increase efficiency and cut down distribution time. State with reason, whether the working capital requirements of 'Indian Logistics' will be high or low. 

7. 'Beauty Products Ltd' is a natural and ethical beauty brand famous for offering organic beauty products for men and women. The company uses plant based materials for its products and is the No.1 beauty brand in the country. It not only satisfies its customers but also believes in overall protection of the planet. Identify the marketing management philosophy being followed by 'Beauty Products Ltd.' 1

8. On Sonika's birthday her mother gave her a pair of gold earrings. After one month Sonika observed that the ear-rings are losing their shine. She checked the mark on the ear-rings and found that it was not a proper Hallmark and her mother had been cheated by the shopkeeper. So, she filed a complaint in the district forum which rejected it. Not satisfied by the decision of district forum, she was very much disturbed and after two months decided to appeal further. Can Sonika appeal against the decision of the district forum? Give reason in support of your answer. 1

9. What is meant by 'functional structure' of an organisation? State its any two advantages. 3

10. Explain how the 'product related factors' affect the choice of channels of distribution? 3

11. Pramod was a supervisor at 'Annapurna Aata' factory. The factory was producing 200 quintals of aata every day. His job was to make sure that the work goes on smoothly and there was no interruption in production. He was a good leader who would give orders only after consulting his subordinates and work out the policies with the acceptance of the group. Identify and describe the leadership style being adopted by Pramod. 3

12. 'Financial market plays an important role in the allocation of scarce resources in an economy by performing many important functions.' Explain any three such functions. 

13. Neeraj, a sales representative of 'Omida Ltd.' has changed seven jobs in the last one year. He is a hard working person but is not able to finalise deals with the customers due to his inadequate vocabulary and omission of needed words. Sometimes he uses wrong words because of which intended meaning is not conveyed. All this created a mis-understanding between him and his clients.

(a) Identify the communication barrier discussed above.

(b) State the category of this communication barrier.

(c) Explain any other communication barrier of the same category. 3

14. What is meant by 'business environment'? State any three points of its importance. 4

15. Explain the following rights of a consumer as provided under Consumers Protection Act 1986 : 4

(a) Right to be informed; and

(b) Right to seek redressal.

16. Samir Gupta started a telecommunication company, 'Donira Ltd.' to manufacture economical mobile phones for the Indian rural market with 15 employees. The company did very well in its initial years. As the product was good and marketed well, the demand of its products went up. To increase production the company decided to recruit additional employees. Samir Gupta, who was earlier taking all decisions for the company had to selectively disperse the authority. He believed that subordinates are competent, capable and resourceful and can assume responsibility for effective implementation of their decisions. This paid off and the company was not only able to increase its production but also expanded its product range. 4

(a) Identify the concept used by Samir Gupta through which he was able to steer his company to greater heights.

(b) Also explain any three points of importance of this concept. 

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