CBSE Class 9 Science Tissues Sure Shot Questions A

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Fill in the blanks

1. ___________ is the process by which unspecialised structures become modified and specialised for performing specific functions.

2. Differentiation results in _____________ (division/ summation/integration) of labour.

3. The study of the structure of tissues and organs is known as _____________ .

4. Based on ability to divide, plant tissues may be classified as _____________ and _____________ tissues.

5. Meristematic cells possess the power of cell _____________ .

6. Permanent tissues are those which have lost the capacity to _____________ .

7. (Parenchyma/ Collenchyma/ Sclerenchyma) _____________ is a widely distributed, simple plant tissue.

8. (Parenchyma/ Collenchyma/ Sclerenchyma) _____________ is a strong and flexible mechanical tissue.

9. _____________ and _____________ are the conducting tissues or vascular tissues, also called complex tissues.

10. The cell walls of _____________ (Parenchyma/ Collenchyma/ Sclerenchyma) tissue are made up of cellulose hemicellulose and pectin

11. ____________ is the parenchyma with large number of chloroplasts.

12. (Xylem/Phloem) _____________ is popularly known as wood.

13. Xylem is composed of _____________ ,_____________ , _____________ and _____________ .

14. Tracheids are _____________ (living/dead) cells _____________ (with/without) protoplasts.

15. Protective tissues include _____________ and _____________ .

16. Epithelial cells have _____________ (little/large) intercellular substances.

17. (Connective/Muscular/Epithelial) _____________ tissue serve to 'connect' or 'bind' the cells of other tissues in the body and gives them rigidity and support.

18. (Tendon/Ligament/Cartilage) _____________is made up of white fibres and connects muscles to bones.

19. Bone is surrounded by a connective tissue known as _____________.

20. Striated muscles are _____________ (voluntary/involuntary) while smooth muscles are _____________(voluntary/involuntary).

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