CBSE Class 9 Science Gravitation Sure Shot Questions

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1. Two objects of different masses falling freely near the surface of moon would

   (a) have same velocities at any instant

   (b) have different accelerations

   (c) experience forces of same magnitude

   (d) undergo a change in their inertia

2. The value of acceleration due to gravity

   (a) is same on equator and poles

   (b) is least on poles

   (c) is least on equator

   (d) increases from pole to equator

3. The gravitational force between two objects is F. If masses of both objects are halved without changing distance between them, then the gravitational force would become

   (a) F/4 (b) F/2 (c) F (d) 2 F

4. A boy is whirling a stone tied with a string in an horizontal circular path. If the string breaks, the stone

   (a) will continue to move in the circular path

   (b) will move along a straight line towards the centre of the circular path

   (c) will move along a straight line tangential to the circular path

   (d) will move along a straight line perpendicular to the circular path away from the boy

5. An object is put one by one in three liquids having different densities. The object floats with 1/9 , 2/11,  and  3/7 parts of their volumes outside the liquid surface in liquids of densities d1, d2 and d3 respectively. Which of the following statement is correct?

   (a) d1> d2> d3

   (b) d1> d2< d3

   (c) d1< d2> d3

   (d) d1< d2< d3

6. In the relation F = G M m/d2, the quantity G

   (a) depends on the value of g at the place of observation

   (b) is used only when the earth is one of the two masses

   (c) is greatest at the surface of the earth

   (d) is universal constant of nature

7. Law of gravitation gives the gravitational force between

   (a) the earth and a point mass only

   (b) the earth and Sun only

   (c) any two bodies having some mass

   (d) two charged bodies only

8. The value of quantity G in the law of gravitation

   (a) depends on mass of earth only

   (b) depends on radius of earth only

   (c) depends on both mass and radius of earth

   (d) is independent of mass and radius of the earth

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