CBSE Class 9 Science Natural Resources Sure Shot Questions C

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1. What is soil erosion ? List two activities which cause soil erosion.

2. What is green house effect ? How is it caused ?

3. Many municipal Corporations are trying water harvesting to improve the availability of water. Give reason.

4. Rain water sometimes contains traces of acid. Why ? Explain in brief.

5. Define the term 'Smog'. Name two types of diseases caused by regularly breathing the polluted air.

6. Give reasons of the following : (i) We are lucky that ozone is not stable near the earth's surface. (ii) The combustion of fossil fuels increases the amount of suspended particles in air.

7. Why is water so necessary for all living organisms ? Mention any two points in support of your answer.'Water is known as AWonder Liquid'. Justify this statement by giving any two reasons.

8. What is atmospheric fixation of Nitrogen ?

9. What is soil erosion ? State any one way by which it can be prevented.

10. What is humus ? What is the role of earth worms in increasing the quantity of humus ?

11. List two ways by which carbon dioxide is 'fixed' in the environment.

12. Name two diseases caused due to an increased content of pollutants in the air produced due to the burning of fossil fuels. [2011 (T-II)]

13. The heaps of solid waste are a menace. Give two reasons.

14. How addition of undesirable substances and change in temperature affect the water life.

15. State any two harmful effects each of : (a) Air pollution and (b) Water pollution

16. What is the role of atmosphere in climate control ?

17. What percentage of nitrogen and oxygen is present in air ?

18. Mention any two human activities which are responsible for water pollution.

19. Mention the role of ozone layer in the atmosphere.

20. Give reason Lichens do not grow in Delhi whereas they commonly grow in Manali or Darjeeling.

21. What causes acid rain? Mantion any damage caused by it on living organisms.

22. What is Green House Effect ? Name compounds causing depletion of Ozone layer ?

23. How do Sun and wind influence the formation of soil ?

24. List any two consequences of global warming.

25. Mention any four measures that should be taken to maintain the soil fertility.

26. Give the chemical formula of ozone. What is its role in atmosphere ?

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