CBSE Class 9 Science The Fundamental Unit of Life Sure Shot Questions

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1. Define Cell

2. What will happen to a cell if its nucleus is removed?

3. Who proposed the Cell theory ?

4. What is Nucleoid ?

5. Fill in the blanks:-

   (a) New cells are formed from ______________.

   (b) Movement of water molecules from their higher concentration to their lower concentration through a semi- permeable membrane is              called ______________.

   (c) The functional components of cell are ______________, ______________& ______________.

   (d) Protoplasm has two parts- ______________ & ______________.

   (e) Nucleus, mitochondria & plastids have their own ___________ & ____________.

   (f) The shrinkage or contraction of the contents of the cell away from the cell wall is known as ______________.

   (g) The process by which Amoeba can engulf a food particle is ______________.

  (h) ______________ is the manufacture of lipids required for making cell membrane.

  (i) A cell that lacks nuclear membrane is called a prokaryotic cell & the nuclear region is called ______________.

  (j) Movement of materials in & out of the cell takes place by ______________ & ______________.

6. Identifiy and name the following cell structures:

  a) The undefined nuclear region of Prokaryotic cell.

  b) Site of energy release inside the cell.

7. Name the kind of plastid which is important for photosynthesis in leaves of the plants.

8. Name the two components of chromosomes.

9. When does the chromatin network separate out to form chromosomes?

10. Name the cell organelle that detoxifies poisons and drugs.

11. Name the cell organelle that is associated with protein synthesis.

12. Name a cell which changes its shape.

13. Name the functional unit of DNA that carries genetic informations.

14. Expand the word DNA.

15. State the primary functions of plasma membrane.

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